Possibly Pregnant No Insurance HELP

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Jamie - May 5

I'm not positive yet that I'm pregnant (scared to death of taking a test!) but what worries me is that I currently have no insurance. Is pregnancy a considered a pre-existing condition that insurance companies won't cover? Does anyone have any insurance companies I can look into?


April - May 5

Don't worry... I found out I was pregnant a week after I quit my job. I was scared because I didn't have any insurance either, but I found out I can get Medicaid and it covers everything! a__suming that you're in the US... just call your local county a__sistance office (welfare) and they will let you know what you need to be eligible. For example, if you are single in the state of PA, if you make less than $1900 a month you are eligible. (remember you count as 2 people when you're pregnant) and if you qualify for that you will also probably qualify for WIC


Jbear - May 8

Pregnancy cannot be considered a pre-existing condition for insurance. The only thing is, if you started a job with insurance, you might have to wait several months to get coverage, and if you're pregnant now, you need to start getting prenatal care. April is right, Medicaid is a good bet. The easiest way to get on Medicaid is to go to a clinic that does free pregnancy testing (look for one affiliated with an area hospital). If you're pregnant, they'll help you with the Medicaid forms and help you find a doctor, too. There's no shame in taking Medicaid...you'll be working and paying taxes your whole life, and part of what those taxes go to is Medicaid.


Sweetheart - May 8

Can you apply for Medicaid, if you are married, low income?? What is WIC ??? How come so many insurance comp. says that they wont cover you unless you had the insurance 6 months prior - that's insane!! What if you became pregnant without planning it??!!


Hi - June 16

Your pregnancy is a pre existing condition for which you will not be covered. Most insurance policies don't cover pregnancy anyway. If you are like me,I made too much $$ to be considered for Medicaid, but not enough to have to foot a $12,000 medical bill. Unfortunately that is the case for many Americans, the good news is some ob-gyns and hospitals have rates for the uninsured. I was fortunate enough to find both and cut costs (but not quality of care) by about half. You have to ASK about it. Some hospitals require that you pay before your 7th month. I agree that it's crazy you can't be covered, but they are in business to make money.


gisele - June 16

"Hi" is right about some ob-gyns and hospitals having rates for the uninsured, also in the social service building there was a clinic especially for the unisured, not people with medicaid but people w/o any insurance. I was 19 when i became pregnant and was living with my mother i tried getting medicaid because since i had to go to school full time and was working part-time the insurance that I had did not cover maternity costs, unfortunitly since i was under 21 and living with my mom, they had to go by her income and since she made too much money for them to give me medicaid.


hello - June 19

To jamie: Look into badger care and Healthy Start. these are government plans and will charge you based on your income. Good luck!!! I hope you find insurance soon.


Jbear - June 22

to Sweetheart...you can get Medicaid if you are married and low income. Your unborn child counts as a family member, so you and your husband would count as a 3 person family. You can probably find info specific to your state...do a search on medicaid (whatever state) or (whatever state) department of human services. You don't have to be below poverty level to qualify. My husband and I are expecting our second child, we make about $2900 a month, and I am on Medicaid. Also, WIC is a government program that provides certain healthy foods to pregnant women, infants and children under five. If you qualify for medicaid, you are automatically eligible for wic. The medicaid office will provide information on who to call for wic, if you ask them.


Zoey - June 28

I also have pregnant problem, My husband and i want to have a baby, but my husband worry about he will lost his job, because his company not very success now. $2900 a month is net income? Anybody know after paying tax, how much income level the medicaid office will help ??


April - June 28

Zoey... it depends on your state. Your best bet would be to go to google.com and enter something like "medicaid PA" or whatever your state is... and then go to that site. If you have no other children, you will count as a 3-person family... you, your husband, and your unborn child. You should be able to find the income limit for a 3-person family somewhere on your state's medicaid website.


anon - June 30

I make about 20K a yr and just have one child already. I have medical ins. with my work but still applied for state medicaid and was approved. They are even reimbursing me for my insurance premiums I pay at work, so there is no harm in trying. I'm so glad I applied.


kate - July 10

look in to medicade


babe - July 18

I would like to get wic but it just seems so embarrising. what if someone at the store I know sees me get this. I should not feel this way but i do. Also what do you get exactly?


April - July 18

babe... don't be worried about being on WIC... there's absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of... I come from a family that's NEVER had any money problems, but being that I'm supporting myself and my baby now, I need a little extra help. I'm on WIC, medicaid, AND cash a__sistance. You do what you've gotta do.... nothing wrong with it. Just as long as you're working to better yourself in the process so you won't have to be on welfare programs forever!


Stuck between a rock .... - August 3

I too am having problems getting help with prenantal care! My Husband and I are expecting our first I am already 22 weeks along and Medicaid denied us 2xs (they just look at what you make not what you pay out) We have more payouts then he makes! I dont work so we can't just use my income! We have tryed payscale slides with the hospitals here in nour area and no help they want $1000.00 - $7000.00 up front! No doctors here want to help us out either! No insurance company will take us! All we keep getting from people around here is sorry cant help you! We were in the prosses of getting insurance from my husbands job, when I found out I was pregnant and so we got denied! I am lost on what I can do does any one know what we can do to get help? ( The only "free" clinc that is here only takes you if you have medicaid! HELP!


to Stuck - August 3

You really are stuck. I was in a similar situation. All I can say is keeping asking for those discounts for the uninsured, thats what i did. It worked for me my hospital stay was $2500. It included 2 nights, the obgyn was the same amount. My friend was able to find an ob/gyn for $1500. Keep trying! It's so sad that people who work hard and bust their a__ses but arent insured cant afford medical care.


to Stuck - August 5

Hi I have just come across some alternate to insurance. Discount Medical Cards; lots of companies are offereing them. They cover pre existing conditions because its not really insurance but a discount on medical services if you go to doctors in their network. If your dr is not in their network you can ask if they would join so that you could get the discount. I know there is a Maternity Card-- I looked into that one but it did not sound like the one for me. The lady I spoke to was very helpful and even gave good suggestions on what I should be looking for in dr and hospital. I was able to save myself at least that much, but that was because I was persistant and didnt mind doing all the leg work myself. Ameriplan is another company that offers this service, I am sure there are many others. I haven't read any pro or cons about it. They all claim to be able to save you about 80%. There is a membership fee and a monthly fee. I guess its worth a try! Hope this helps.



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