Pregnant Looking Into Adoption

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Jenna - April 14

Hi-I am 17 and have a 15 month old daughter. We are doing great! I recently found out I was pregnant for the second time and I am not sure that I can give this baby the life it diserves. I am seriosly looking into adoption. Can anyone help me with this? Thank-you


Cheryl - April 14

Hi Jenna, I have a 4 year old adopted son. My husband and I have been married 11 years. I am 33 he is 35. We are stable, mature, and would very much love to adopt another child. My son is so anxious for a sibling. If you would like to know more about us please email me [email protected]


Jill - April 15

I think adoption is great but be prepared for ALOT of really rude commets people are nice to parents who adopt but not so much to the girls who want to give their baby up for adoption. /but there is a lot of people who can't have kids and have a lot to offer so stay strong on your decision


Amanda - April 16

Hi there how are you doing me and my husband are not able to have children. We are now looking into adoption. you can email us at [email protected]


KATE - July 12

jenna, hi would u me email me if u get this [email protected] thanks and hope to hear from u



Hi Jenna, Congrats on your pregnancy. How are you feeling? I hope you are not having alot of nausea. We are a homestudy approved couple who openly adopted our 5 year old daughter. We share a wonderful relationship with our daughters LIFE PARENTS. If you would like to get to know us more please visit our adoption website at You can also email me at [email protected] I am very easygoing and understanding. I am a STAY AT HOME MOM so I am here if you need to talk. Good luck on your journey! - July 13

Jenna, We are a couple working towards an open adoption with a mother wanting to maintain some sort of contact with her child; whatever level she feels is comfortable. We honor your courage and understand that this time is filled with emotions for you. We are both very easy to talk to and would love to know more about you and your family. If you would like to know more about us please feel free to visit our web site at No matter what you decide to do please always be true to you heart. We wish you and both of your babies health and all the best. kellyandbeth


Becca - July 15

i too am in the same boat - July 15

Becca, Please feel welcome to visit our site as well! We hope that the information there will be of help. No matter what, follow your heart. All the best, KellyandBeth


Nicole - July 15

Jenna please feel free to visit our site as we are homestudy approved and wishing to adopt. Good luck and take care! Nicole


Hope 2B Parents - July 20

We are Steve and Joi. I hope that you and your baby are doing good. My husband and I are unable to get pregnant and are looking for open adoption. If you want to know more about my husband and I please e-mail me @ [email protected] and i will email you my website and contact info. Thank you and God be with you on this journey.-Joi


Stacey - July 23

I am a very young 41 year old woman. I have desired a child since I was 22 years old. Due to certain things in my life, I have never had the opportunity to experience giving birth. My heart would be so fullfilled if I were given the chance to be a mom. I am a wonderful Aunt & 2nd mom to so many. I would love to the first mom. My life & heart would swoom! Call me. Please


TO JENNA - July 23

Jenna that is a very unselfish and courageous plan for your child. If you are seriously considering an adoption plan please visit our website as we are wishing to OPENLY adopt. We adopted our daughter through the miracle of open adoption 5 years ago and we wish to grow our family. We are homestudy approved and working with an adoption attorney. We hope to hear from you but if we don't have a wonderful pregnancy :) Just copy and paste this URL into your web browser!


Melissa Cummings - August 1

My husband and I would love to adopt your baby. Let me tell you a little about us. Our names are Melissa and John Cummings We live in a small town in Illinois. We have a 12 year old son. We would like to adopted a infant or young child. We live in a beautiful 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home with a large wooded backyard. We have 3 dogs. We have a large close knit family with grandparents on both sides, aunts, uncles and cousins. We have so much to offer a child, we are stable financial and emotionally. Your child will have everything he or she needs. I have been very active in the school system, cub scouts and our church WIllow Creek. We want to find a birthparent that wants an open adoption. We a birthparent that we can have strong ties to and the baby will always know who their birthparent is . Please feel free to contact us for more information. We can send you pictures , talk on the p! hone or even meet. Adoption is a very hard decision... we hope that we can help make that decision easier by making you and your baby part of our family. Please email us at [email protected] Thank you for taking the time to read this! Love, John and Melissa Cummings Dated: 2005-08-01 15:04:53


Izabela - August 9

Hi Jenna, after all my husband and I have been thru, trying to have a family, a co-worker told me about a friend of hers that was in the same situation as you are and had just found a family for her baby. She also gave me the idea to look into independent adoption... I was feeling sad all day today, searching for answers... and decided to try and look and see what I could find... and your name came across... and here I am. Hope has never left my heart and I believe that you will find in yours what is best for your family... If you want to contact us, our email is: [email protected]


Anne - August 10

Jenna..... please be sure that adoption is the path you want to go. You will never get your baby back once you give it up. Also, these adoption agencies will not tell you about the feelings and emotions you will go through. Your baby needs YOU. Not a stranger. You're the voice she hears. Your heart is the heartbeat she feels. Please make sure before you give your child up.


Stacey - August 10

Jenna, How long is this going to go on?? So many good people have answered you and people are still posting as of August 2005! What is your answer? You are tugging at these good peoples heart!



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