Pregnant AGAIN Amp ALONE This Time

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ShaunaLeigh - January 22

I was just wanderin if anyone experienced the same thing as me... cuz i often wander if the reason i am so horrible this time that im pregnant is because i hate this baby's dad... & even when this baby moves i feel right sick at my stomach.. & i hope that when it's born i dont feel that way... cuz like my other two children its not only a piece of him but a piece of me as well... & i dont wanna carry all this onto an innocent child... but... dunno if anyone felt the same when they were pregnant & had the child & all was good....


DownbutnotOUT - January 22

first off I would contact a planned parenting place and get yourself some counciling NOW!!!! You should not have such animosity towards the innocent baby in your tummy and it shouldnt make you feel sick when it moves, thats a sign of some real serious problem you have and need to get checked out. I can understand the hate for the father but that is your baby too in there and you should feel nothing but love towards it and if you dont seek help now even when its born you still might hold bad feelings towards it. remember its the best thing for you and your baby and you should do it IMMEDIATLY!!!


ShaunaLeigh - January 22

thank you for ur input, but it's not even that i feel hatred towards this baby... im also havin a ruff time with everything yanno, being single with my 2 boys right now... & the thought of another baby is just kinna scary is what i think the issue is.. cuz i honestly LOVEEE the 2 boys i got now & me & their dad broke up & I hated the ground that man walked on... but never felt no hatred towards my boys for not even a fraction of a second! & with this time bein so different i often wander if it's not just the movement itself makin me ill yanno... cuz i dont think i could ever not love something i created, i was just wanderin other ppls thoughts... cuz honestly... ima good person... a fantastic mother -might sound a lil conceited in that area but i know im good at raisin my boys, i pride myself in that much & decided to HAVE this baby & not abort it like everyone wanted... but yeaaa lol... i hope things turn out alright... 6 more weeks.. & this pregnancy will be over & i hope that i feel all the love in teh world for this baby just as i did my other two boys<3


hello - January 23

Hi shauna, is it the same guy that is the dad to your son's.... There is no possible way you wont feel love when you see your baby, deep down i am sure u know that..... I am a single mum also and its as hard as hell, i will listen if u need to vent....


ShaunaLeigh - January 23

**HELLO**.. actually... this is a totally different father this time around, which sounds just horrible... but i decided to go thru with it & keep this baby. I get moments where Im excited about it all & then moments where Im not! I just try n understand where he would be comin from yanno... he's only young, as am i... so who knows maybe he might step up & be a man about it all but then again, im not holdin my breath thinkin that'll happen... ill live just as im livin now. I just dont want no one thinkin that im a horrible person if i dont feel the way im supposed to right awayyy, could take some time... it's hard when ur all alone... cuz im also livin in a town where none of my family are, so its me against the world... or so it seems.


hello - January 24

hi shauna, sorry to hear that. How come you are away from everyone? Any friends from school, work or anything you can turn too? It doesn't sound bad that its a different dad, it happens you know and we dont know the first time round we are with the wrong one if that makes sense and i am sorry you had another chance and that didn't turn out as you had planned.... Do you still hear from your babies dad and your boy's dad? It sounds awful but sometimes its a peaceful life when they want nothing to do with their child. I wish mine didn't .... he has no interest in my daughter yet he still turns up every 2nd saturday... This saturday his girlfriend is coming back from oseas and he has to pick her up so he is coming fri, his p___s cant wait one more day it seems after a month of her being away.... See i can vent too hah, sorry too much info but i needed a vent for the day...... keep in touch okay.......sometimes it helps even just to have someone online to vent too is someone at least listening.....


ShaunaLeigh - January 24

**HELLO** Oh yeaa... it's great to have someone listenin on here & ventin back & givin their input, it helps aloooot... I appreciate it! Thank you! & yes my two boys, the ones wit the same dad, he bothers with them & so does his family, they are VERY ACCEPTING & have even said that this baby will be no different to them even though it's not gonna be a biological grandchild which helps alot. Ive been thinkin a lot about movin back down home just for the emotional & physical help... something im thinkin on! Ive got a couple friends here... but i moved here with my ex & havent reallii gotten to know many as ive been home with the boys most of it! :S but yeaa... thank you & im sorry ur daughters father is such a J E R K as well :( sucks when that happens. thats how this new baby im expectin in March is.. he denies this baby & im just puttin idk who the dad is, he;ll never have the chance to bother with him/her if i have anything to do with it!


hello - January 25

I get tired and i have one child, how do you go with two boys and being almost due...Your boys family sound like a great a__set to have around.... Its hard on your own ... maybe it would be easier if u moved closer to old are you and your boys? I am 36 and my daughter is 20 months......


pinkbo0tlace - January 25

ShaunaLeigh - With all do respect, I agree to what DownbutnotOUT is saying - but I also disagree with her. I have a son who is almost two months old, and I had a very hard time bonding with him while I was pregnant, because of the fact how me & his father were. I didn't want my son, but I decided to go through with the pregnant via moral reasons. It was extreamly hard carrying a child I was not bounded too....I was SO depressed about that also. I felt like I was a bad mother if I ever admitted that to anyone, so I basiclly kept it to myself. When I was pregnant with my daughter (who is two), when she moved I was so excited, happy, in "awe" as you would say. When my son moved, I was numb. There just wasn't a real connection there, honestly. It's hard to admit that, but it's true! I actually cried sometimes when my son wouldn't stop moving. I just didn't want to feel him. I realized he was half of me also...but that really doesn't make a women feel any better. The fact is, is what you feel NOW. I just couldn't wait for the pregnancy to be over. I sat and cried, and wondered a lot how was I ever going to be able to love this child?! But, when he came out, It was instant. The love just comes, hun. Trust me. I've BEEN there. I've DONE that. Don't worry, okay? Plus, emotions during pregnancy are really crazy, ya know? Just relax :) Once this baby is born you will love it right away! No matter who the father is. I didn't think that was possible, but it's actually true. Anyways, getting to DownbutnotOUT, I agree that you shouldn't have animosity towards your unborn child, but when you feel sick, sad, or depressed when he/she moves, it does NOT mean you have a "real serious problem" - means you are HUMAN. Not every women in every pregnancy is going to feel the same way, because we all think/feel different and we are all in different situations. You won't hold bad feelings towards your child, believe me. IMO - coming from ME, I think it's more the pregnancy, not the baby itself. If you find yourself sad a lot about it, there are certain anti-depressents you can take while pregnant, I had to get on some (but then I was taken off..LoL). Goodluck!


ShaunaLeigh - January 28

**HELLO** sorry i havent been in a good mood the last couple days, ive been feeling pretty sick... but im still here haha... & im 25 :O Yes 25... & my boys r 3 - brayden... & 5 - tanner! So yea it's veryyy hard lately.... im so tired & dont feel like dealin with the boys... & it's such a horrible feeling... hense the reason to want this pregnany overrr & done with!!! & the last couple days ive been thinkin pretty deeply about goin back down home to be with my family!! but thank u fer ur chat! Wish we could chat somewheres other than here lol... but no postin :( haha pinkbootlace ~ well yanno... with what you are sayin, that is more along the lines of teh words i wanted to hear... yanno... i didnt wanna hear that im horrible... or that i should seek help cuz i KNOW that im a good mother & figured that once my baby was born... id love it... & i know that now... just with how im feelin towards him & how he is... makes me sick... but who cares about him... right... it'll be his loss & ill deal with my baby on my own, thanks fer ur kind words & advice.. it's appreciateD!


hello - February 1

Hi shauna, Hope all is well, You dont have long to go now hey, I cant imagine having two other kids to take care of and being pregnant too. I honestly feel like i struggle and i only have one, its bad i know...I imagine u are in america so even to chat somewhere else i think would be impossible with the time difference. I am not usually on daytime which is pm for you cause i am usually out with my daughter... its more so night time i am on.... so how u feeling anyway? Chat soon


DownbutnotOUT - February 2

shauna you are a strong women and I know how hard it is with 2 boys, I have 2 boys a girl and Im pregnant! I remember how hard it was with the 2 boys and pregnant with my daughter even with dh around and I cant imagine doing it alone. I pray that things go well for you and your feeling better :) You sound like a sweet lady and deserve good things, take care.


ShaunaLeigh - February 3

DownbutnotOUT --> Thank you very much... haha im doing great actually even though the boys got me drove crazyyy somedays, they can't seem to get along at all. Their dad is up helpin me fer a little bits which helps. But I hope all is well with you as well... you have 4 children you say? ***HELLO*** lol... ummm yeaa im in canada... but i get on a lil here & there durin the day nights... but one of my boys are in school & im too gosh darn tired to do much with the brayden... so we just chill at home most of the time now.... & ive got 4 weeks left as of monday :D scaryyyy thoughts some times, i had some pain down there la__s nite... something in never experienced before... but yeeaa i hope ur doin well too!! takecare


mom2bagain - March 1

SHOULD. All I hear is should statements. It is funny how people will tell you what you should or shouldn't feel. Feelings are normal. Just be careful they are not running your life.


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

hey Shauna well right now I have 4 children if you count my hubby lol ok I know bad joke but sometimes I feel he is one of them. I have 3 (2 boys and 1 girl) and am currently pregnant with the 4th baby (60-70% chance another boy!). I just read your canadian too, lol. oh my I just read your do around the beginning of March pls give us a needed update as in what did you have? did he/she have lots of hair? you know, the good stuff. take care


ShaunaLeigh - March 2

DownbutnotOUT ~ Thanks hun! Yeaa Im due the 5th of March, but went yesterday to the doc, not much said tho... so idk... no indication that this baby is ready to come anytime soon... but it'll come in due time. Im in NS... ur in canada too? & i will fer sure tell ya whenever i finally have this baby. Ive got 2 boys as well... just no lil girls... which i want one sooo sooo sooo baddddd!! haha... anyways good luck in ur journey!


ShaunaLeigh - March 7

HEY PPL! Monday was my due date & im now TWO days over! haha... i go in Monday comin to have an ultrasound & they are inducin me next week! So iif nothing else i will have my baby by next week!! just thought id update ya's... im finally gettin excited



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