Pregnant Alone And Confused

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Jo - August 9

I am 8wks preg.I was with my ex for 3yrs on and off, he wants me to keep it, but on telling him i am now preg(we split 3wks b4 i found out) he has told me he is goin to do ivf with his ex. He wants me to keep this baby, but so far i don't believe him. I have a 9yr old who's father is never around. I have no family around me for support, and am not sure if i will be able to cope on my own. I feel that if he does do this ivf i will tell him not to bother ever trying to see this child as he doesn't deserve it, if he is going to purposly go and make another child in the very near future with somebody else, and not be able to be there full time for this one. He has said he would be there to support me, but so far its only been when it suits him. He has no other children, but i feel if he does this ivf how could he be in two places at the same time..? I think he is being very selfish, and it is not this babys fault his ex can't have children.. (and this one was planned as we have been trying for over a yr.) Can anyone give me there views as i am very confused.. I want to keep my baby, but don't know if i am strong enough to do it on my own all over again. And also am i wrong to cut him out if i do choose to keep it, if he goes of to do ivf ? Pls help if you can. thank you.


?// - August 10

I think you have every right to cut him out of the picture if he is not going to offer some sort of support. He was there when the baby was made and he should be there for you thru the pregnancy and birth. He needs to stand up and be a man. you can't just walk away like him and it's not fair for him to treat you this way. Also you should consider adoption if you think you can't cope because there are a lot of wonderful families looking to adopt who will love your child and welcome you into their family as well if that is what you want. I hope this has been helpful.



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