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tanisha - December 7

i am 21 weeks pregnant and have just broken up with my fiance for the umpteenth time. He declares undying love for me but when it comes to spending time with me prefers his friends. we decided to live together to try one last time for sake of baby but he stills want to go out and about doing the things of a single man. i just want my man with me at this emotional time to experience the highs and lows of pregnancy. i ended the relationship again as the constant arguing was stressing me to a point it was making me ill. now he has gone i feel terrible, tearful,lonely and just want him here but know if he is back the same will prob happen. he now says after a week apart he is happy alone, and to leave him alone. i find that hard to accept when he tells me he loves me one week then the next week hes over me. we have been together 5 years. should i tell him i love him and want him back or should i stay single, i feel sad my baby wont have a father at home, all i wanted was to come first in my mans life. i dont know if hes fallen out of love with me or just trying to hurt me for ending our relationship so many times which i always regret doing.


June - December 7

I have a friend that does the same thing with her boyfriend. They fight break up the get back together. They have been together for 5 yrs also. The problem I hear is that they never work on the reason the broke up anyway. Stand your ground, let your no mean no. I know it will be hard. I have a boyfriend who likes to hang out with his boys also. Maybe the distance will the two of you some good, it worked for me . I left for a couple of weeks and when I came back he was very apprecitive. Maybe you should allow yourself to be alone for a little bit. Feel it out, you may like it. It is better for your child to be around some peace than the stress you have been feeling.


CNoel - December 7

I would not go back to him for the time being. As June said, he needs some time alone before he'll realize whether or not he wants to be together. The worst thing you can do is go back and beg him, then he'll lose respect for you and not come back at all (personal experience!!!). As for the baby... remember a child would rather be FROM a broken home than IN a broken home...


june - December 8

Tanisha, don't give your child up for adoption. Your love is the best love for that child and for you too. Sometimes it takes this to get your life together. Fall in love with your baby and focus on making yourself happy. I was almost in your situation, my bf decided to stay,but I will never be able to able to completely rely on him like I wish I could. That is ok, I what to be self sufficient. What do you want.


Lia - December 29

Tanisha, You wrote this almost a month ago and I know that alot can change in a month. When I read what you have written, I feel like I wrote that myself. I am currently going through exactly what you wrote. We broke up a million times and this last time I said I was through he decided he was through too and didn't want to ever get back with me. It hurt me just the same as you to be here alone and pregnant and although he put me through unexplainable pain and stress I too want him here with me. I want to call him and beg him to be here for me, but like June says I am in fact losing respect for myself for begging for what I know is not good for me. I regret attempting to leave him too because of the lonliness, but at the same time how could any respectable woman put up with some things men put you through. Let me know how you are doing now. Hopefully you have found some way to cope with the loss. Maybe by now you are back with him and if so I'm curious to know how that 's working out. good luck to you. Just so you know, you are definitely not the only one going through this.


ebony - January 15

i am about 16 weeks pregnant and am about to move out of my fiances home and back in with my mother. He is the same way one minute is crying and announcing his love for me the next he says im stressng him out and he doesn't know how he feels about me anymore. All i can say is pray, because im lonely as well.


Mary - January 15

Well, as much as you think your alone, ur pregnant and from now on you'll never be alone. that's how i think of it. see the guy i was with had a girlfriend at the time and still does. he isn't going to break up with her and be with me because he doesn't know and i didn't know that he had a girlfriend at the time and as bad as that sounds and there are a lot people who think i should atleast let him know, i'm not going to. i know i didn't make this baby myself but i am not going to have to take care of it by myself, i've got family and myself. well, my back hurts and i've said enough laters.


Jessicah - February 2

This is to Mary: I am in the same situation as you. I was in a relationship with a man (boy) whom I thought it was just us. When he found out I was pregnant he then tells me he has another girl pregnant in his country (the Dominican Republic) and that she's due in June (I'm due in July). To top matters off he then tells me he's engaged, not to the other mother but to someone totally different! I was completely shocked. But am happy about my baby and look forward to seeing his/her beautiful face. If you want to talk more, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]


Kristie - February 7

I am in the same boat as you except am 8 weeks pregnant and abortion isn`t an option for me. i feel so alone also and want my man home so much, but its me that has told him to stay away. i think that we have to think of our unborn children and 1 thing i do know is that i don`t want my baby bringing up with unhappiness or tension in the air. there wll be someone who loves you and your baby as his own and your ex will live to regret his selfishness i`m sure


Willie - February 19

I am currently in the same situation as you right now. Except we've been on and off for almost 7 years and I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I know it's so damm hard and it hurts. Don't beg him back, or call him-he has made his choice. You may want him but trust me you don't need him. Just think of all the things he has done to you. You have the choice to let his actions affect you emotionally, physically, and mentally. Keep positive, and pray. You are not alone. Trust me I know


Jennifer - March 2

Tanisha we are in the exact same situation, it's almost scary. The only difference is that I'm only 8 weeks along. I don't know what to do myself. But just know that you are not alone in feeling the way you do.


tina - March 27

i am 14 week and before id feel fluttery movements now i dont even feel pregnant


Cyndi - April 22

My boyfriend and I just broke up, and I have since found out that I'm pregnat. I don't know what to do...


Kay - April 22

Cyndi, if you want to talk you can email me [email protected]


Rae Rae - April 30

I am very confused, I am in a similar relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together 1.5 years and we are about to have our first child. I m 17 week and always alone. He is out every weekend and the only time he shows his affection and tells me he loves me is when he is drunk. I feel weak and feel I can only get through this pregnancy with him, how in the world am I going to survive? Last night I kept trying to call him up until midnight he didn't answer and didn't call me back until 2:30 in the morning. Because I'm the one yelling, I'm the bad guy. Now I feel like it's my fault we broke up (again) where do I find the strength to stay alone, I'm practically doing it now. Please help


Sis - May 5

My boyfriend screwed up last week BIG time. I threw him out. I am p__sed that he waited until we found out I was pregnant to mess up! I am 8 weeks. He didn't hang out or anything like that but he just handled his cousin's death the wrong way. He took my car for 4 days and I had no idea where he was or what he was doing. Anyway, like I said, I threw him out. I am VERY much in love with him and I want his emotional support especially right now. However, I lost total trust in him. I refuse to be with him just for the sake of the baby. I need to trust that he won't run out on me again. He says he knows he made a mistake and he feels really bad about it. He keeps calling and apologizing and asking me if we can work it out. This is what I decided to do. Since I love him so much, I decided to just give our relationship some space. He can stay with his mom or get his own place. But he can't come back to me until he proves to me that me and this baby are worth it to him. That he would do anything to get us back. If I don't see him jumping through hoops for me and this baby, then forget it. He can stay out there and just give me child support. I don't know if thats the answer for you, but giving each other space and time is always a good thing. It gives you time to think, time to pray for answers, time to wait for those answers, and clears your head. Trust me, I understand how hard it is. I want my boyfriend back RIGHT NOW for just a hug or a kiss! But I am thinking with my emotions and not my head. I don't know if I will give in or not but I am trying at least to stick to my decision.


Brandi - May 23

That is a guy for you. i told my b/f about our baby and he said it was someone eles's. Who knows. Talk to your ex fiance about it. Just maybe things will!!!!! Good Luck & Hang in There



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