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Evita - January 11

I'm 22 years old and I already have an 18 month old son from a previous relationship who is very well taken care of. I had a one night stand with someone I work with. One month later we had s_x again. After the second time I was late on my period 3 days. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I called my best friend and she said I had to tell him. I was terrified but I did and he didn't seem mad or upset, he said he was scared. He's 24 and he said he's not ready for a baby because he has many things going for him. When I went to my OB doctor I found out I was further along that I thought, I found out that I got pregnant the very first time we had s_x the month before. He asked me to consider abortion but that is definately NOT an option for me. It's obvious that he does not want me to have this baby although he told me he would support his child financially. I don't know what to do about him. Should I include him in my baby's life or raise another child on my own?


r - January 11

It sounds like this pregnancy is something that he has to come to terms with. I think to be fair you should give him some time to decide where he wants to be as a father to this child and if he sees a relationship with you. But at the same time don't allow to play with you and leave you hanging. Give him some time to think and have talk with him as to what you want from him as a father and what he wants...maybe you guys will find a middle ground to raise this child together some how. Hope this helps you out a bit.


AUDREY - January 25

Well first off youre 22 so at least youre not some mixed up teenager pregnant and confused , it would be alot more difficult secondly its good youre keeping the baby but one thing you shouldn't worry about is whether or not he'll support you and the baby financially, if he won't do it willingly then he'll have to do it through court there's no reason why you should have to raise this kid without the money support i mean the man helped you make the baby so he should help out , you can't go through this alone .


cheryl - February 9 best wishes



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