Pregnant And Seeing 2 Married Men

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michelle - January 13

ok, people have an open mind, I have been seeing 2 married men for awhile, I am being honest about the fact that they are married so you guys won't chastise me problem is nobody knows my secret and I am pregnant and I have no clue who the father is...I am really freaking out, because I could lose both of them if they were to find out about each other!! I just need some honest advice, by the way they both have children, 1 has 3 and 1 has 1.


uuhh - January 13

are you nuts, is this for real?


yungmama - January 16

Sorry about all the negative answers. I would just get a paternity test. Chances are they are not going to leave their family because of this. Maybe they will take responsibility. But you did make a mistake and will have to face the consequences. Their wife might leave them anyway finding out about the whole situation. It has to come out though the sake of your child


MommyDear - January 16

It doesnt really matter if they find out about eachother, because when they find out about the baby they'll be just as p__sed. Either way, you'll probably loose them. Married men dont keep pregnant mistresses, they throw them away, and unless they consent to a DNA test after the baby is born, then you'll be without any financial support.


Brandi - January 16

I think it's a little ridiculous that you're afraid of losing both of them if they find out about each other, HELLO, they're married! What right do they have to get mad about anything. This is a really ugly situation, the only thing you can so is get a dna test. But you should consider being more careful next time around.


Mommy - January 16

There should only be one woman sleeping with a married man, and that's the mans wife.


YEAH - January 19

yeah mummy that's right!! michelle what kind of a mother will you be if you are already willing to possibly break up two families and leave those children with broken homes! shame on you


Meredith - January 19

Okay, I think you should tell the truth to both men. Demand paternity tests. Once you know who the father is, work it out with him from there. Depending on his situation, he may take care of his child willingly or you may have to fight for support if you even want it at that point. You may be disrupting his life, but he made the same choices you did. Remember now that you have a child to set an example for, you have to live your life right.


jules - January 23

hey michelle, ignore all the do gooders that have never done nything wrong, my friend was in the same situation she told both men that were in relationships, one ran a mile the other stayed left his wife and supported her, turned out baby was the man who stayed. you l find out what u mean to them when u tell them.. good luck to u x


krc - January 24

If they didn't agree to paternity tests I'd pull out the old black mailing technique. Tell them your baby would love to play with his/her half brothers/sisters. This child has a right to know why it looks like who it looks and it's roots. Unfortunately you are having a b___d child. Your wrong for being the other woman and the men are wrong for commiting adultry. Neither of these men will leave their wife/home/family for a piece of pregnant a** . So the best you can do is wait till it's born, do whatever you must to get a paternity test from just one will be fine. Unless you've been with men other than those two. Then figure something out. He has to take responsibilty. Then leave him alone, raise your baby and find you a single man !!!!! A full time dad !!!! Not a lying part time loser.


alisha - January 26

I feel for you Im in the same boat! We should have alot to talk about.


bump - February 19



frankschick2001 - February 23

First off, you cannot lose what you do not have. These married boyfriends are not yours to lose. Secondly, just because you admit to wrongdoing does not exonerate you from getting the 3rd degree from people. I think you DID post this just to make people mad.


dna - February 25

In case this is real, DNa test can solve your issue. Take care



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