Pregnant And The Father Is 20 000 Miles Away

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JLK - March 10

I am 11 weeks pregnant, the baby's father is on the other side of the world. He plans on coming two years. He does not love me, and even begged me to have an abortion. Now that he realizes I will not kill my child he is making plans for the baby and I. He want's me to move so I can be closer to his family??? I don't think he has any feelings for me or the baby, but he say's he wants to be a good dad and see his child everyday...starting in two years. I feel like he is being a selfish p___k. Should I do what he wants and change my whole life around just so he can have a chance to play dad in two years? He say's he will take care of me finacially but that's it, he really has no emotions.


fatherof2 - March 10

He is a loser, run away you'll be fine.


help - March 10

Sounds like a mess.


Karrie - March 10

JLK, it sounds like your babies daddy is a total jacka__s. I would suggest trying to raise the child on your own. *Applauds* on not getting an abortion. If you have close family &/or friends that are willing to give you a hand that would be easier on you a little. I would jut ignore your babies daddy, even though he is the one that helped make that little gift from heaven. I doubt he really wants to "play" daddy in 2 years...that just sound too far fetched...good luck, and God bless.


JLK - March 10

I have no one where I currently live, my family lives about 1200 miles away. In order to go home, I have to quit my job. If I do things his way he will help me, I'm afraid if I don't he won't be helpful at all. I feel so stupid for not seeing him for who he really is before this.


Mother of 6 - March 16

Sounds like he needs to grow up a face his responsibilitys. Good luck, sad,y most men are dogs.


Aishah - March 18

I dont think all men are dogs but I think its time that some women just recognized that some men just do not have the tools to deal with a situation that cries out for some mature thought and action. The father of my unborn child lives in NYC while I live in Illinois. I dont speak to him and havent spoken to him since I was about 10 weeks. Initially he was ok with the pregnancy even though we were never an item then he mysteriously decided that he was sterile and he needed a paternity test...Whatever..I feel hurt at times but for the most part I expected him to act like a punk and I expect him to continue to do so up until the baby is born and then act likehe is the indignant father simply because 1) its his only child 2) it will be the first grandchild for his parents who are old and desperate to have grandchild and the list goes on. I know him well. He doesnt know me as well. All his evil spirited words will come back to haunt him but I make it my business in life to ensure that I stand by My words and My words stand by Me. Anyways I wish al of you the best.Dependonyouandrealize that life is much more than a man by your side. You can do it if you put your mind to it..dont be disheartened



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