Pregnant By A Child

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Pagan - November 7

Im 26 yrs old and just found out i am pregnant by my 21 yr old boyfriend. He is really immature and i dont think he will be able to handle this. I dont know what to do. I dont have a full time job but i really do not want an abortion. I want this child but i never wanted to be pregnant by someone if we werent married and especially by an immature 20 yr old who would rather drink his money away. Please i would love some advice.


Jen - November 7

Seems like you have a lot on your plate. But you're not alone. I'm sorry to say that I cannot walk a day in your shoes, however, I too had never planned on having a child without being married or having a home first. We are together, and thankfully both have great jobs..however we live with his parents.. and find ourselves having to possibly give up both of our cars, in order to make ends meet. We have to look for a less expensive car to now possibly share. I guess things seem like they couldn't get any worse.. but speaking from experience.. abortion is my last resort. You shouldn't count on any man to help you support your own child. & whenever you're having a child, whether married or single.. always have in mind the possibility that you could raise this child alone if furture problems were to arrise. No one in this life can be fully prepared for life's little suprises.. but one thing I can say is that it will definitely be hard. I'm 5 weeks pregnant now.. and I have my first appt near the end of this month. I'm scared, and I wish things would have been a bit different.. but I think I'm woman enough to face my challenges.. God cannot give us bigger crosses than we can carry.. just remember that. Children are blessed gifts we receive from god, and unless the situation is critical.. i don't suggest an abortion. It will be his loss, but this world now a days isn't full of the best men or women either. Now a days you can't really depend on the other person. Society has taken a different turn on the whole 'parent-hood' issue. You have many single mom's out there who'd probably tell you if they had to do it all over again.. they wouldn't change a single thing about it. Maybe not now, but when that light in your tunnel begins to shine.. you'll look at your little one and be proud that you made the right decision. All you need is determination, courage, and faith. If you have a good paying job, some decent insurance and a family to help you.. you're set. You have other alternatives.. which should be your last resort. I say you take some time to yourself ... and then when you yourself has decided whether or not you're ready for this... make a move. J


Me - November 7

It will be ok, I had a young father of my kid also, and no he didn't do what he was suppose to do he dranked he didn't do things with my son, he ran around thinking i'm the mom I should take care of the baby, he even got on Drugs they just don't grow up in ther 20's some never grow up but it's hard but me and my son are fine with him coming in and out of his life.



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