Pregnant By A Married Man

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Mama Bear - May 3

It's lot easier for you to come on here and say why did you mess with a married man and just say no! Have you ever been in a situation where you knew something was wrong and you did it anyways? Im sure everyone has and people make mistakes and at least I can admit it was a mistake. I am not the only person who is the wrong in this situation, he is also the one who cant keep his d*** in his pants. So dont come on here and act like like I am the only person wrong! It's obvious that he will continue what he is doing regardless if it is me or someone else. He is not my issue anymore it is my baby.


kikki - May 3

Good, the baby is the most important part of all this and yes he does seem like he will do it again so why worry if he sees the baby or not who needs a father like that -I had one You can't call 2 years a mistake! 2 times maybe.? Good luck anyway hope you do well!


TINY - June 28

hey mama bear. wow god must've led me to this website. I just got off the phone w/ my ex who I have been dating for five years. it was a good relationship. we were "soulmates" (until he decided after three years that he wanted to marry his baby momma..who i did not even know existed until 3 weeks before the wedding i did not know about) we were still messing around because he said he didn't love her and he was only here for his little girl and that he would leave once the little one got older. well i just found out im 2mths pregnant last week. he has a nerve to call and say, this is not right..i'm married. (huh? why werent you talking like this a year ago or 2 mths ago.) he said that his life is over and that he thinks i should get an abortion because this is punishment from god. funny he was never so "spiritual" before he found out. he said that his family told him to leave me alone and he was "hardheaded" and that this situation was "giving him badluck" cause he knew he was sinning (this is all new to me. this is a really hurting revelation because for a while there his so called family was acting "hunky dorry"...they knew about everything we was doing) he said that he is really just trying to be there for his daughter and that he feels like he let his wife and child down. (huh?) needless to say yall, i got played. you would think after watching so many "Lifetime" movies, i would know better. but you know what mama bear? everything happens for a reason. and even out of mess god can bless. i just found out that my father is dying and even though i would have wanted him to see me get married first...god has a way of getting what he wants.(even from the sinners) so be encouraged. and when our babies become rich and famous..i want them "jokers" to remember how much they didn't want the child. p.s i would really like us to keep in touch throughout the pregnancy..if not i will pray for you. god bless


Understanding - July 9

I have also been in the same situation with a married man, and we now have a 6 month old son. I have read all the entries and it amazes me that I am not alone. I too love this man and really believes he loves me but as the one lady said, when they are married there is no future. The problem I am having now is that he does not want me to move on, he wants me and his wife b/c he says he loves me to much to let me go. He sees the baby everyday even though "she" thinks he doesn't. Just be strong and pray, b/c only God can get us out of this mess and it is a one day at a time process especially when your feelings are involved. Take Care


Nicole - July 10

Our daughter was conceived in the same situation. We adopted our daughter and it has been a blessing. Her birthmother was dating a married man with six children when they became pregnant. They met us on the internet via our adoption site and the rest is history. He is still married with kids and our dear birthmother choose life for our daughter. We have a wonderful relationship! Good luck and best wishes! Nicole


Channtai - July 13

I have a 20 month old by a married man that I was seeing for over two years. He never had any intention on my keeping this baby because this is not my first pregnancy by him. I ended up telling his wife and his mother. He no longer comes to see her but I did take him to Child Support which he now pays. He may not want anything to do with you or the child which is his loss, but make him responsible at least financially for the baby sake.


Outraged - July 13

Women who date Married Man?? Cant any of this lady have self worth and just say NO?? That's way Divorce is the way it is...these Men know there are a lot of women willing to play there games, that's what encourage them is women like you. If more of you stood up for yourself and found a loving man that can dedicate themselves to you, you wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. All these stories are ALL the same..."I was involved with a married man, now Im hoo, I told his wife, he doensn't want me" Duh, your not the marriage material obviously if you are willing to be his other women. I HOPE EVERYONE learns from your post. There is defenitely no future with a married man.


Channtai - July 13

I did not know he was married but by the time I found out I was already caught up. There is no excusing my actions but I have to deal with the consequences which I will and make sure my child is taken care of.


Evangelina - July 13

I have nothing to be ashamed of.I have a 15 month old daughter by a married man.I look at it this way.Us women are not the ones to blame for men cheating.They are.They made the choice to go out and find a woman to cheat with.Why should we be ashamed? Im sure that the reason you are saying we should keep our legs closed is because your husbands cheated.I dont recall anyone on here asking for sympathy so get a life and move on.Its not our fault guys dont know what the meaning of vows are.


Jen - July 13

Apparently women don't know the meaning of vows either. It's a two way street with two way consequences, A woman can say no, men can say no aswell (HA!) We know how men are!


sarah - July 13

For everyone's information I was conceived out of wedlock. My mother had an affair with a married man, she believed he loved her and would leave his family for her. Of course he didn't. I grew up wondering why my father had another family and why he didn't want me. I was harra__sed by my half sibblings, (we lived in the same town) they called me and my mom names whenever we would bump into each other. I don't know why I had to be put through this, I hated my mother at one point. It is nothing to be proud of, I just wished my mother would have had more self respect.


me too - July 14

I know I am not the only one to be pregnant by a married man, and I am absolutely not proud of it. But the fact is I am and now I must deal!! I have not told him, and don't really know how I am going to deal with things yet. All I know is that I cannot abort, I have no reason to punish a child for what I have done. Eventually he will find out, and right now he is sensing there is something different about me. When I met him we were both married, and each seeking what we thought was missing. 2.5 years have pa__sed, and I am in the process of divorce, and basically as I had this other relationship established it just worked. I never wanted him for myself, and he has told me himself that if he were to become single I would move on. But here I am , I have two children ages 5 & 8 and now a baby. I did not plan to post, but just felt compelled to once I read a few of the stories on here of others. I guess all I can say is that we all make mistakes, they are what make us who we are. Nobody can judge another as they don't know the circ_mstances or what they are feeling. But to know there are others like me, and they have compa__sion in their hearts for the unborn or born from a married man is comforting.


preggo mommy - July 14

Look just because we are pregnant by married men dont mean we broke any vows.Im not even old enough to be married.Im only 17 and the guy i slept with was 21.At the time i was 15 and he was 19.I cant say im not ashamed of it but the wifes cant put all the blame on us.Aparently they arent doing something right because if they were, their guys wouldnt be with us.I think thats every married womans problem.They listen to these guys when they tell them itll never happen again.It always does.


Channtai - July 14

My concern now is how to deal with my daughter regarding her father. I don't want to lie to her but I don't want to damsge her more than the news is going to. No one has the right to judge anyone we have all made mistakes, bad decision/choices whatever you want to call it. We should have no but we didn't now we are dealing with the consequences but like as what was mention what led your men to us in the first place. It is easier to put the blame on someone besides self. Some men are just greedy and want there cake and eat it too but normally something is lacking and/or there is a problem.


understanding - July 16

it is so easy for the women to try and judge the women who have had babies/been pregnant/ or had an affair with a married man. My baby is 6 months and the best thing that could of happened to me. He was born into a bad situation and we both love him. i never thought that this would of been me but like one post said, we all make mistakes and for those of you who are trying to put us down, get over yourself because i know you are not perfect. One thing i can telll the women in in the same situation I have been in is to just stay strong, we too have morals and values, and just have gotten into bad sitautions..Remember Even Out of Mess God Will Bless...


me too - July 17

my question is for the post from "understanding" say your baby is 6 mos old and the best thing that ever happened to you have any other children?? That is what I am beginning to fear so much, I have other children and cannot imagine how I am going to approach this with them. They will want to know why the baby has a different last name, I don't even know what the baby's last name will be. I haven't yet told the father, and I don't know if I want him to know at this point.



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