Pregnant By A Married Man

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Green_Eyed_Momma - December 24

FutureTwinMom- I was wondering,since you say you never want to talk to your husband on the phone would it be ok for him to call the other woman he got pregnant while with you?I dont think you should be so harsh because this subject is very touchy.I cant believe how grown women can sit on a computer and act so childish.Dont anyone have other things to do then to talk trash on some website when no one cares how YOU feel about them.WOMEN GROW UP!!! Anyways men cheat they do women wrong,why blame only one person here?


jezebel1018 - December 27

i am so sick of selfish men. dianna who is he to make YOU feel bad for HIS financial situation??? he got himself in this mess.


crys8705 - December 28

i just found this doing a search on aol.. im so glad im not the only girl who has gotten pregnant by a married man. I am due in july, and the babys daddy is still with his wife. im so confused right now I dont know what to do. any advice will be greatly apreciated.


jezebel1018 - December 28

i actually kind of feel bad for futuretwinmom being so busy w/her own life & the kids that she would be comfortable with someone else being the 'friendly' conversationist for her bored husband. i talk to my husband a million times a day, no matter how busy we are and we never get bored of talking to each other. if my husband felt the need to chatter on about everyday nonsense w/someone other than his wife, who is supposed to be his best friend, id snap his neck. we are each others best friends and i cant fathom not finding time in my day to let him know that. i would imagine that if i were unavailable to him, or if here were unavailable to me, that would eventually lead to one or the other finding someone else to confide in...& who wants that.


jezebel1018 - December 29



PinkPepper - December 29

Homewrecking illegal immigrant seeking greencard thru pregnanacy


PinkPepper - December 29


Mandy1978 - December 30

Sorry to say that but this idiot put himself in this situation. It is just ridiculous if he has affair with you and when something like this happens he runs like a boy. All the best for your situation but I would recommend to just move on.


crys8705 - January 4

yeah i have moved on. im still debating on whether or not to let him see the baby when it gets here, also he has two other kids with his wife, should i let them see it?


lunamoo - January 4

crys, start a new thread, i think you will get more responses. people do not want to open this can of worms again...


fishsnail - January 6

I have a question to all of the women who have had babies by married men, I'm not judging just asking a question. How would you cla__s a female that told a married man that she couldn't have any childern in conversation of a week before lying together. The women at the time of conception was 34 years old never had any children, come to find out she was living at home, also didn't make enough money to suvive on her own. Se told the man if she did by chance get pregnant she wouldn't tell anybody and that he could go on, but it turn out different 3 weeks later she called and said you got me pregnant his response was you told me couldn.t have any childern she said well I don't know what happen I'm preganant and you are going to have to take care of it. I will post more of situation after response this I very deep I had know idea there were women who motives were to destroy families. I had a conversation with her after finding out and she told me she knew everything about my lifestyle before getting with my husband and she begged him to leave me. Ala.


FutureTwinMom - January 8

Ok. Just got back from our trip and I need to clear some things up. First of all my husband is not talking to any other woman. I was trying to say that when you have kids, you don't always have enough time to have long conversations with your husband. Which is why I can see why diannav_81's boyfriend still wants to talk to her everyday. He craves the attention. I still think she needs to move on. She is only going to get hurt really bad if she stay's in this mess.


MrsTaken4Good - February 14

Why are you sleeping with a married man? You set yourself up for heartache! I think you told his wife to be spiteful. Up until the point that he left you, you were fine with being his dirty little secret. Did you tell his wife when you were benefiting, getting his time and attention? Nope you waited till he kicked you to the curb. I understand you are trying to look out for your baby, but did you even think about what you were doing to the other kids involved? Now that you’re bringing a baby into to this situation, you want him to do the right thing. You had no problem participating in what ultimately turned out to be the destruction of his family. You want your child taken care of at the cost of two other children. You knew going into this situation that he was not available, is your self esteem so low that you would allow yourself to be used. I know this sounds like I’m taking his side, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He deserves to lose his family, and he should feel ashamed of himself for what he did, not to you, but to his wife and his children. They along with your baby are the true victims in this mess. The two of you deserve whatever misery comes your way because the two of you chose to have an affair, but the wife and the three children had no choice they just have to deal with the out come. That’s selfish and irresponsible on you and him! I hope he steps up and takes care of all his children. Since he was willing to put his family on the line for a s_xual relationship with you, I doubt he is any part of an honorable man. Good luck and I hope you have learned something from this.


Teddyfinch - February 14

actually, i believe he did it to himself. it takes two to tango and all that jazz. if he's going to cheat and then kick that person to the curb to find another, his wife deserves to know. why defend if you're "Taken4Good"? he screwed up his own family by poking around outside his own household. castrate the guy and his kids won't suffer ^^ and omfg! look at the d__n date on this post. that was 3 years ago almost. i'm willing to bet she's had her kids and dealt with it. good grief start reading before posting.


Cat24 - March 3

i think sometimes mistresses are so blinded by thinking that these men actually love them. they simply do not love them. they are basically seen as an easy bit of skirt, a woman who they know will always say 'yes' to them and not cause any trouble - until of course they get pregnant. a guy who asks you to abort your baby is not a guy who loves you either, if he was then why would he want to kill his own creation? i think its so sad when i read how delluded these women are, they stay with these men for years in the hope they will leave their wives when in reality that rarely ever happens. i just hope that perhaps one day women will be a bit stronger and not settle for a relationship with a married man by thinking he truly 'loves' them.


me too - March 3

Falling in love with and being in love with a married man is a very difficult situation. For the most part it is definitely a lose/lose situation. On the other hand when there is a child that child is a wonderful thing and as long as all affected act maturely and only think of the child/children involved that child can feel love, know love, and be cherished. 3 years ago when this happened to me, I vowed to reach this point and here I am. My daughter is 2 and my situation is not typical but she is loved and adored by us her parents, as well as siblings and step-parents. The best thing to do is to accept our actions, and move forward in a positive sense with the baby always being the important factor. It takes time for this so it is okay to be sad, angry, resentful, etc, as long as the goal is to work past those emotions to a better place for the child.



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