Pregnant By A Married Man

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me too - March 3

Falling in love with and being in love with a married man is a very difficult situation. For the most part it is definitely a lose/lose situation. On the other hand when there is a child that child is a wonderful thing and as long as all affected act maturely and only think of the child/children involved that child can feel love, know love, and be cherished. 3 years ago when this happened to me, I vowed to reach this point and here I am. My daughter is 2 and my situation is not typical but she is loved and adored by us her parents, as well as siblings and step-parents. The best thing to do is to accept our actions, and move forward in a positive sense with the baby always being the important factor. It takes time for this so it is okay to be sad, angry, resentful, etc, as long as the goal is to work past those emotions to a better place for the child.


Preggos - February 25

I to had s_x with a married man, he has 1 child, but not with his wife, he had this child when he was 19. He's a Minister in a church and so is his wife, we have been deeply in love for the past 8 months and I am currently late where my period is concerned. I am not proud of my action and know that I am wrong in everyway possible. Right now I'm just hoping my period comes or if I'm pregnant , that he will stand by me. I told him I think that I'm pregnant and he said that he will stick with me, but he will have to leave everything behind, now I'm feeling guilty that alot of people is going to be hurt.


twinkletwinklelittlestar - March 25

Sleeping with a married man is adultery, it is wrong, there are consequences, that in this case it involves an innocent life (baby) To grow up and know that you are the product of adultery, with no father figure in most cases, and rejected by your other half, would you be proud of your ident_ty and who you are? it is called coming from a 'BROKEN' home. I am not here to judge, once the decision is made to lie with a married man, babys result, and there are consequences, that cannot be reversed. I hope you girls that are pregnant to married men, strengthen yourselves, learn, grow, read books for your own self development, cause your road ahead is not gonna be easy. Babys are beautiful, but having a father is also beautiful. Be blessed and strong (Jesus christ is the way, the truth, and the life)


survival - May 9

I am now in my 4th mth of pregnancy. Alone and coping with pregnancy, depressing and feeling lousy. My boyfriend J whom I know since school days left me a mth ago. During our school days we were already in love. He went into the army while i got into the corporate world. I was busy earning a living for my family as my dad was sick and needed money for his medical expenses. We didnt get together then as he wanted more time from me but I cannot give him what he needed. After J came out from the army, he worked in Shanghai for few years and he knew a girl there. Not long after, they were married, they have 3 children now. Last year our feelings rekindled. We both tried to avoid the affair but it seemed that emotion overruled our rational thoughts. We were together again. I left my boyfriend for this man I love. J is different from the past, he is a busyman. He doesnt have much time for me. But we spend time together despite his busy schedule. One day, I found out that I was pregnant. He left me, he said if I decide to have this baby, he will support me financially but he cannot be there for me and my baby as he has a family. I was devastated and cried. Yes, he left me when I was pregnant. Indeed a big b__w. But my baby is innocent. I told myself I will take responsibility and love this baby. I didnt accept any money from J. A man who loves me will not leave me at such a time when i needed him most, i didnt accept the financial support he offered. I am going through pregnancy alone. My parents are gone and I dont have any close friends. It is depressing as there is no support. I dont know how long I can cope. I am trying my best. I am worried that after the delivery I wil be very lost as this is my first time having a baby. Sometimes, i felt like giving up and end my life but i kept telling myself to hang on, my baby is inoocent. i hope I can hang on till my baby is born.


survival - May 9

I am now 4 mths in my pregnancy. My boyfriend J left me two mths ago. J left me when I hinted to him I may be pregnant when I miss my period. I know J since school days when we are around 15 years old. We like each other then. After school, he went into army, further his studies in the States and thereafter found a job in shanghai. I went straight into the corporate world after school as my family cannot afford to send me to the university. My dad was sick then and the family burden was on me. J wanted more time from me but i cldnt give him. We went separate ways after that. While J was in shanghai, he met a girl. They got married and have 3 children now. Last year, both J and me met. Our feelings rekindled. We tried to control our feelings for years, but our emotions overruled our rational thoughts. I left my boyfriend for him. I didnt handled the breakoff with my current boyfriend well, he got someone to followed me and J. He knows where J lives. He called J's wife and told him abt our relationship hoping J and me wld split and I can come back to him. I knew this when J told me tht his wife recd a call. Since then J doubt it was me who called his wife and this has affected our relationship. Despite this, we continue to see each other but less often. J has a good career. He is always busy with his work. Despite his busy schedule we still meet. But one day, I told him i missed my period. He told me that should I decide to keep the baby i must be able to take care of the baby myself as he can only support financially. I was devastated and cried when he told me this. I know if a man truly loves me will not treat me such a way. I decided to leave him and move on. But going through the pregnancy alone is tough. I feel depressed and lost as I hv no close friend and no family to give me the support i needed. I kept telling myself my baby is innocent and I have to live for my baby. My baby is my hope to live now, I keep hanging on there. This is my first time having a baby, i feel the stress. Being a single mom, I hv to face office pressure, my colleagues talking behind me. I have to plan how I can cope after my baby is delivered as there is no one to help me take care of my baby. I hv to prepare a sum of money for contingency plan. I feel the stress. I really dont know how long I can do this...


MyLifeNotYours - May 9

Are you able to get some government help? Sounds like you really need it.


Stardreamer2oo3 - December 28

I myself am pregnant by a married man. When we first got together he told me he was separated from his wife and planning for a divorce. He talked horrible about her and told me how much of a terrible wife shed' been to him. He had even moved into a separate home with roomates. He is a 30 year old Muslim man from Cairo, Egypt and he married a caucasion American woman from here in Virginia, I am an African American woman. He is now back with his wife because apparently she made changes and things are going well for them. When I told him I was pregnant he tried everything he could to persuade/force me to get an abortion. When I finally told him that I couldn't go through with an abortion because I believe it to be murder, he was really upset and he tried to lay a guilt trip on me saying how I would ruin his life and his wife would leave him and keep his kids away from him and she would get full custody. When that didn't work he was telling me how this baby would ruin not jut his life but mine too; I know it won't be easy but it definitely won't ruin my life. When I told him that I was under no circ_mstances having an abortion the dog had the nerve to say I just wanted another baby (I have one daughter already, 6 years old) so I could get money from the government. What an a**! I won't be getting money from the government but I sure as Hell will be getting money from him when I sue his sorry a** for child support. I didn't make this baby alone and I d__n sure don't intend to raise it on my own. Anyone have any comments or anything email me: lilmama2oo3 at yahoo dot com [~no zeros, letter o's.


watchful2010 - October 13

I am currently going through the same thing. I too have been in a relationship with a married man who was seperated from his wife, not living at home with her or his kids because of all the problems they had and he was trying to get away from her. He knew that I was in a vulnerable weak point in my life and I knew better I did. He started taking me out to the movies and out to eat and we would go and get rooms just so that we could be together until he text me one day telling me how he wants to be the first to say that he loves me....whatever and that he feels as though we should find us a place to live together. So a month into our relationship we find a place, I mean it wasnt all that it was convenient, and at the time I didnt really care I was just happy that we were together. Everything seemed to be going great, until the wife found out where we were and she would sit out in the parking lot just to see who was coming in and out of the place. She even came to my job a day after her birthday and handed me a bouquet of flowers and a chocolate cake I told him to buy her for her birthday I mean afterall I mean legally she was still his wife. I mean could I really be mad at her? I only believed the non-sense he was putting into my head about this woman and like I said I should have known better that there is always two sides to a story. Her beef shouldnt have been with me she knew what kind of man she married, he was even fooling around with his other childs mother before he left his wife. Well back to the story... He talked me into taking out charges on his wife for stalking, communicating threats, and harra__s____nt, because he was tired of her taking him to court and having him locked up all the time so this was his way of getting her back. We go to court and of course I won the case she was placed on the first offenders program I was relieved he made me feel like she was going to come after me so thats the reason why I did it foolish me. This woman cried, she was an emotional wreck and I seemed to not care but deep down inside of me I knew that it had to be more to this he ruined this woman's life and I was just a pawn. At this point I got another apartment for me and him and his kids and my child. I didnt even know that at this time I was pregnant. I waited the whole month and I didnt come on my period. I took a test and it came out positive..I was sure that it was wrong I took another one and it also came out positive. That following Monday I went to the doctor and I had confirmation that I was indeed pregnant. I called him to come home because I had something to tell him, he gets home and I hand him the test. He looks at it and asks so I guess you are pregnant? I said yes. He says well I guess you got what you wanted he gets up and since that day he hasnt treated me the same. He called himself packing up his things and he said he was leaving. Why? You told me you were never gonna leave me and that you loved me and that we were getting married by the end of the year thats what he told my family and his. He throws up in my face I need to abort my baby, it wasnt the right time, it wasnt part of the plan, his kids will hate him, he will be an embarra__s____nt to his family the whole 9. That doesnt make sense because I am pregnant? So you mean to tell me you hadnt been embarra__sed this whole time knowing that you were still married to someone and flashing me around on your arm in front of the whole city, but now your world is going to come to end cause I am pregnant? This mind boggled me. He jumped off the balcony of my apartment locked me out of my bedroom tortured me, belittled me, any and everything that you could possibly think of. This is coming from a man that says he "loves me". Everyday he would get more and more upset because I didnt have the abortion so I come home and his clothes are gone out of the bedroom closet the big flat screened tv is gone he says that he would come back if I had the abortion done. So I lied to him I told him what he wanted to hear he does it to other people so why could I not use the same tactic on him I had him believe for a month that I had an abortion and my the change I seen in him he treated me like a princess. I was getting breakfast in bed, taking me out to resturaunts, what ...holding my hand again telling me that now I am stuck with him for life. I sat back and just observed his behavior. He told me that I looked pregnant still and asked me how far along I was I kept telling him I wasnt pregnant he even went as far as buying another pregnancy test for me to take ok I call myself Macguiver I dripped water down into the well of the test just so that it could come out negative to make my story ...I learned he got another apt though he lied to me and told me he was back at his moms he wasnt coming home at night and I would do early morning drivebys just to see if our car was parked out wasnt. So make this story short I just recently came out and told him that I was pregnant and now he doesnt want to have anything to do with his unborn son or me then he tells me that he just woke up and realised that he loves his wife and wants to go home..ok this is the same woman who you ridiculed all year long flashing and flaunting a younger girl around in her face, that you constantly call a b**** and stupid, the woman you had me your gf, mistress whatever I was take her to court and put charges on this woman, and now u say u love thats the funniest thing I have ever heard my whole life. Like I told him you didnt just wake up and realise nothing if u really and truly wanted to go back home to your wife and kids you had 6 months before you got me knocked up to do that, oh now because I am pregnant you had this revelation...bull she couldnt even deal with the fact you had a child with some other woman before u got married and now u have another one on the way with the gf you have had all year and u did this while u were still married, so I know she def wont handle this well thats another smack in her face. I want to tell his wife so bad I do and I do want to apologize to her. I am not doing this to make her hurt anymore though I know she will be when she learns of this but it will make me feel better. The smart thing for her to do is to go on along with this divorce next month and get rid of that DOG. He will never change and it wont help there marriage either.


bull2604 - November 2

Im in a similar situation. Im 7 weeks pregnant now and the man was there with me from the day we found out of the pregnancy. Given the fact that he was married for 8 years and had no kids and definitely not a loving wife. All he had in her was a master who leashed him like a dog all over the place. Hence I came into the picture 3 yrs ago wherein it started off with a shoulder to cry on and has now come to a standstill called pregnancy of 7 weeks. He spoke to his parents and wife about the whole situation last night but they all denied it straight away. Today he took me to his place to speak to his parents and wife, they all got together and called me a s___t and my baby a piece of trash a million times. He simply sat there besides me sobbing.He never said a word. Untill the millionth time when they called my baby trash, is when he shouted out loud that this aint trash and its his baby and he knows that. He then turned turned me with tearfull eyes and asked me to abort the baby. Now Im back home and have no clue where to begin from here? What do I do next? Whats going to happen when Im all by myself and 9 months pregnant? My folks live ina different country and have no clue about whats going on. They wouldnt support me even if they come to know. Any suggestions would help a great lot.


bull2604 - November 2

He would have said that he loves me a zillion times and took care of me throughtout the day we got to know about the pregnancy untill last night when he spoke to his family and has now changed completely.


afime - November 22

I detest women who get pregnant by married men and then start to complain that he doesnt want anything to do with you. what did you expect? You dont care that your child is going to be fatherless much less that you may have destroyed a family - probably leaving the innocent wife to pick up the pieces and raise her kids alone after having to kick her cheating husband out for committing adultry. Dont you get it? There are so many single guys out there. Leave the married ones the hell alone! Foolish stupid, selfish women


bowtiemom - May 20

I'm new to this group, and a little scared. I've been with this married man for almost 2 years. We are expecting our baby in July. We are both very happy and very in love, but his wife won't let him go. She keeps thinking that things are gonna be worked out between the two of them and can;t get it through her head that he is done with her, wants a divorce, and wants to move on with me. It has been very straining on our relationship, but we manage to talk things out and begin to work together to get us where we want to be.


Grandpa Viv - May 28

Do we understand that he left his wife some time back, and has set up house with you? Why not keep it going the way it is, and let her come to terms with the arrangement in her own good time. There are plenty of unmarried families these days.


Lotti - July 3

Hello, For a story in a wellknown Dutch magazine for parents I'm looking for a woman that is pregnant or has had a child by a married man. Are you in this situation and are you interested in (anonimously) telling your story to our readers? Contact me thru lmvanleeuwen at hotmail dot com. Lotti


pregnant_single - August 13

If you are single and pregnant, you don't have to be! Check out my profile for Facebook page information on finding a man that will love and adore you during and after your pregnancy, or search 'pregnant and single' in Facebook. I have even established a Yahoo group called 'PREGNANTNSINGLENLA' to put single pregnant women together with men who possess a strong s_xual fetish for pregnant woman. So, if you're still pregnant and single, that is purely your choice as you don't have to be.


tuesday girl - March 24

I am new to this site as well, but I want to tell you my story. About 14 years ago I started an affair with someone that i truly cared about. As a result of this affair I had a beautiful daughter. The father really care about me but was torn and was there with me through the whole process.At first he didn't want the child, but after I told him that wasn't going to have an abortion, he was okay with the situation. Well the baby was born in 1999 and he gave her his last name. I thought that we were so in love and that everything was going to work out. Well I was so wrong. He stopped coming to see the baby and I just lost it. I started doing things that normally I would never do and eventually, I told his wife and put him on child support. Well it so happens that his wife left him because i learned that he cheated on her before and had another child during their union. He has nothing to do with his child with me and has since remarried and is living well. Myself however, I been having trouble trusting other men and is still devastated that he does not have any contact with my daughter.It's really hard to deal with knowing that he just was able to bounce back like nothing happened and totally ignores our daughter. Just be careful and be prepared to raise your child alone. Don't do anything harsh or rash because you will have to live with the consequences as I have been for the past 14 years. good luck and God bless.



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