Pregnant By A Married Man

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Alligator - April 22

About a year ago I met an older man at a party (I was 19, now 20, and he was 52 now 53) he was nice and cute, very funny and smart. At the end of the night I wouldn't give him my number and left. He ended up getting it from my friend and started calling me. I agreed to go with him on a date and from there we started seeing each other, he eventually talked me into letting him stay the night with me, I'd never had s_x before and he told me it would be a good idea and he loved me. I was already on birth control but my doctor switched one of my medications. I asked him if it would affect them at all and he said there was only a small percent chance that it would and I was fine. The guy and I continued our relationship and then I found out I was pregnant. When I told him he started to scream at me and told me he was married and had two kids. I now realized there were some warning signs and I don't need a lecture, I screwed up and know it's all my fault. he told me it's going to ruin his life and I better "get rid of it" or he would. I don't want to get an abortion or give it up I want to keep my baby. I stopped seeing him and won't answer his calls. I'm scared for my baby, I don't want to tell his wife because I don't want to hurt him or her, I love him. I had my friend who gave him my number to some digging around and she found out he adores his family. Both of his kids are a few years older than me, and both of them are very close to him. He and his wife adore each other, they go on vacations all the time, he buys her jewelry constantly, along with anything else she wants. They apparently have a great marriage. The only people that know are me, my doctor, my friend, and him. What should I do? should I tell his wife? give it up? I'm so lost right now. If I knew he was married I never would've spoke to him again. I don't want to destroy this family. I'm in college with a part time job and I have an apartment. I don't have any family in the same state.


Grandpa Viv - April 27

Sorry for your predicament. I see no point in trying to rile the situation further. Lick your wounds, chalk it up to experience, and decide how you want to handle it on your own. It sounds like you are considering adoption. That is an admirable solution that few women can bring themselves to take. You should have no problem finding adoptive parents, maybe even an open adotion where you can have occasional contact. When is your due date - early Decmber?


Kim31 - April 30

I wouldn't tell his wife, because in m y experience you will be ALL the blame. Since you do not have any kids, you may want to consider keeping and raising your child. It not the ideal situtaion. But you seem like you have a good heart, and giving the child for adoption may really hurt you in the furture. Could you move back to where your family is for support. Could you try to manage it on your own. Children are wonderful. You appear to be a strong woman. You have an apartment and live in a different state from your family. Think about this very well. Hope you the best!


nguy37 - May 14

Hello! I have been looking to adopt a child on my own without going through an agency. I look for situations like this to help young women. So, if you are considering giving your child for adoption, we can discuss it further and you will know more about me by calling me at 6169299625.



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