Pregnant By A Shady Guy

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cslewis01 - March 18

I dated my boyfriend for 6 weeks long distance when I found out I was pregnant. I have been alone all of th pregnancy, have struggled financially, because I supported him with $100,000 in credit and cash. And now his att_tude is short and mean. And I know for a fact that he is messing with several other women. He refuses to admit to anything. Seems everything was a lie, and I struggle between wanting to kill him or blaming myself for being such a fool. I've given so much and gotten disrespected in return. My whole world is falling apart, and the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that God is with me and my excitement about my first child. He says he loves me, I'm the best, he's not going anywhere, he will be a father to the child. But he's lied about so much, my trust is gone. I am very scared about the thought of raising this child alone, but everyday that seems more a reality. I question if I deal with his total lack of love and disrespectful ways, or do I walk away and find a way for me and the baby to make it?


ctgirl - March 18

Hi. I saw your post a few weeks ago, and have not seen you on since. Last time I looked, no one replied to your email. It looks like you have been put in a tough spot. But from your last post, I thought that you had a pretty good job, and sound like you make "ok" money. Not sure how yo go involved with someone in 6 weeks and lent them sooo much money. That is a little crazy girl, maybe you should ellaborate. We are all single and pregnant on this site, and can relate to your sadness. I a__sure you though, that once this baby comes, you will careless about this a__s. And ALL of your pain and suffering will be worth it. Take it from someone who has been there and done once, will baby #2 on the way single and alone again. I thought this only happened to teenagers. 1st child is 9. Take care, and know that you are strong!!!


Lavica - March 18

You've put too much into this guy to even think about letting him continue to hurt and upset you. I understand what you're going through. I'm also pregnant by someone who I now know is a jerk and a liar. He said he would support me no matter what but since i told him I was pregnant, he treats me like I don't exist. It still hurts to be treated that way for no reason but guys like that aren't worth our tears or time. The government can help you financially until you're able to help yourself. Be strong and focus on positive things like seeing your beautiful baby for the first time. Don't blame yourself for anything, what's done is done. You will come out on top whether your guy decides to step up and be a man or not. Just worry about you and your baby.


cslewis01 - March 19

Thanks ladies for the support. It is a tough spot - something I NEVER thought that I would be in. Im 33, have a great job and can take care of the baby. Its the personal shame of having done things right for 33 years, and now getting into this. And the hurt to think that someone could tell such brutal lies, not appreciate the financial sacrifice, be so short and cruel and cheat on the side with a baby on the way. How I got involved with him? He is a lawyer (I think), supposedly well off, never married, no kids --- looks great on paper. But the last 4-5 months -- its been terrible. I supported him, thinking he was going to marry me as he said, and that i would get repaid in a matter of days. Days became weeks. Weeks became months. And with the baby, I felt a__sured that he would do the right thing, or either we have it out in court. Looks like it will have to be latter. Its a struggle, but im trying to stay strong for me and the baby. i finally told my mother and my best friend what's going on... i did not want to tell them, thinking they would be ashamed of me for being so foolish. Maybe they do..but i felt better being able to share the pain. So i take it day by day, and decided im going to live my life and enjoy my pregnancy anyway, despite how he treats me. He only sends me text messages (on a phone that's in my name) and he couldn't find 1 minute to call me. Keep in mind, the phone is in my name, i have the phone records and know he's calling other women, his boys and whoever. Yesterday he commented that "he is not my husband yet and that i stress him". Despite that -- im going to take a loan against my 401K, and even though i cant afford it, im giving myself a well needed weekend vacation. I know that God will see me thru this -- he already has.



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