Pregnant By Ex Con From One Night Stand

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In A Bind - December 2

Ok, here goes. I met this guy. We hit it off. We slept together. We used protection. Now I'm wondering, if the condom broke or if he could've taken advantage of me while I was sleeping because he slept over. I am now carrying his child. I just recently found out that he is an ex-con. He spent 4 years in jail, he has an 11 year old child who lives in another country, he does drugs, drinks and smokes. I don't believe in abortion but I don't want his baby. Is it fair to this innocent life that I have an abortion now or should I just keep it? What am I going to tell my family and co-workers and friends? I don't want to marry this guy. That is a nono. Please help!


Forgot to add - December 2

It was meant to be a one night stand, but he kept calling me and I hung out with him a few times (we only slept together once) and I found out the truth about him from his friends. Should I get rid of the baby?


... - December 2

No, just keep it,, u just said it, u dont believe in abortions. Dont worry about what anyone else will say cuz its no one elses business.


Do Something while you can - December 2

Get rid of it and then get counseling to help you through it. Unless you plan on giving the baby up for adoption, you will be forever tied to him!


Gina - December 3

Keefersmon, I have to suggesting adoption on this forum is in very bad taste. I am adopted and understand that adoption is an amazing thing and every child deserves a chance. The women on these forums are vunerable especially in the early stages of pregnancy. If they do put a child up for adoption I think they will come to that decision themselves in their own time. It is a very serious and painful decision that will affect a woman for the rest of her life. I met my mum after 40 years and she has told me of the pain she went through. I hope you understand where I am coming from here it is not my intention to insult you. But really feel this is not the place or the time. Peace Gina


Gina - December 3

Hello In a Bind, it all depends on you and what you really feel in your heart. You cannot let anyone interfer in your decision. And it is a very difficult one to make but if you trust yourself and your gut you will know what to do. Maybe this baby is the best thing that will ever happen to you. I too became pregnant ( 27 weeks now) by a man I knew only two months when he found out I never heard from him again. I had to make the decision alone. You dont have to explain to anybody about this guy it was just one of those things. I hope and pray you make the right decision for you. Peace and love


LIZ - December 3

You have to whats best for you - it is your body if you want an abortion do it if you want to keep the baby do it. Life is to short to care what others think about you....and your decision to keep a baby by an ex-con we all have skeelatons in our closet....I have been there my only warning is make sure if you decide to keep the baby and don't want him DO NOT let him use your child as an open invitation to come and go in your home as he careful best of luck to you i know how you feel



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