Pregnant From An Affair

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Jen - October 5

by the way, I think I am addicted to this site.


Bitch - October 6

Thanks Jen, I am addicted too:) The teen pregnancy site is out of control!


Bitch - October 6

I want to add that it hurt all of us to watch my mom try to raise chldren when she did not have her "act" together. It still hurts b/c she never has taken responsibility for her actions and she cannot understand why we don't want as much to do with her as she would like. I think a woman needs to get her life in order before giving birth. Money? That is icing on the cake. Emotional stability is core.


Frances - October 6

to "re:jen", i didn't know a degree stopped a man from having an affair!!!! to katy i think you should stop worrying about his wife and start worrying about your life. yes you made the mistake of sleeping with a married man but mistakes happen and people learn from them...that is life! but now you have a child on the way and i think its best that you let his wife know and you receive some kind of support from him. u will probably go thru some tough times but in the end you will have a wonderful child who will love you more than anything in the world. i've been there done that except i didn't know my childs father was engaged the whole year we were together. he finally told me when i was 5 months pregnant and to add more fire he wanted me to lie to her and tell her we were together for only a month (the month they had split up after a huge fight). i couldn't do it so i told her the truth. needless to say they are still together and he decided to never see my beautiful son. my son is now almost 3 and doesn't know his father. like i said you will go through some tough times but in the end it will be okay. keep your head up, tell his wife, and make sure your child receives support from his father as well. good luck!


RE: Frances - October 6

I never stated that our education stopped either of us from having an affair. A poster claimed that the baby would be better off with a parent like Katy than me, "the b___h". I disagreed and stated the reasons why I felt our child is going to be born with an advantaged life. You should read the posts before foaming at the mouth. Maybe you would have caught that. Oh, I think we have established that an 8 year affair is no mistake. If it had worked out in Katy's favor (man left his family for her), she would not be p__sing and whining on this board.


Hey Bitch - October 7

For your information, I was not "p__sing & whining" on this board. I was actually trying to reach out and get some kind advice, some feedback or some support - not be condemed for my actions or judged by people who don't know me and will never know me. As for you... just because your mother didn't have her act together doesn't mean that every other woman besides yourself can not be a good parent. I am 34 years old... not 16! I have probably lived and done more in my life than you ever will or will ever dream of. I have been married, been cheated on, gotten divorced, sorted my life out and unfortunately got involved with someone who is married. I NEVER in that time came between he and his family. I always made sure that he was with his children or wife before me and made sure the he planned special dates and nights out with his wife. I'm not messed up - I'm just not that selfish. He is more of a friend to me than a lover and I value his friendship more than anything. I don't expect him to finally decide that I am the one for him and for him to leave his wife because I'm pregnant - I have never wanted him to leave his family and made that clear from the start. In fact his marriage is stronger now than it ever was. He spends a lot more time at home with his wife and family and they do a lot more things together now. So whatever else you have to say, go ahead and say it. Maybe you should get back to the pregnant teen sites and preach your righteous att_tude on them... it just might work. As for this "b___h", I'm signing out. I have a lot better things to do than to listen to the likes of you.


Bitch - October 7

Katy - You are so pathetic it is practically funny. If you could only read into your own words. Goodbye. You are a lost cause. Have fun with your affair and enjoy helping the family you have cheated. BTW, I would never "dream" of a life like yours. Sounds like a nightmare to me. Lastly, YOU ACT 16. Grow up.


Jen - October 7

Hey Katy leave my b___h alone. I'm the only one that can call her that. Anyway, so you still think your helped this guy by having an he stays home more?? What?? Tell his wife that and see if she thanks you. Maybe you showed him how crazy the women are out there and now he spends more time with his wife, appreciates her more. You said " I always made sure that he was with his children or wife before me and made sure the he planned special dates and nights out with his wife" GROSS!! I'm sure his wife would really thank you for that. If you wanted to help her, maybe you should tell her that her husband is a cheat!! Come on! I mean I still think you probably are a good person, that's why you need to justify your actions by saying all this. Honestly, it really sounds a bit ridiculous and you did put it out there, so of course there are going to be people saying things. What did you think? Like if a child molester has a problem..........they will not get the support. What you did is definitely not that bad, just using it as an example. I'm sure your baby can have a wonderful life and you will be fine but all that other c___p is just strange. Oh well, I do wish you luck in whatever you do.


Bitchy Bitch - October 7

LOL:) Your b___h is here. I don't think Katy will ever understand that what she did was selfish and far from helpful. It is so hard not to judge a homewrecker.


AM - October 25

Katy, I just wanted to say a couple of things. No the girl is not always to blame. But when you say stupid things like "I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HURT HIS FAMILY". You make yourself look like a true ASS. By sleeping with a married man, and knowing! makes you STUPID. What are you going to tell this child when they ask where is daddy? Um "with his wife where he was when I f_cked him". Come on this child is gonna grow up a life of hell becouse no matter what you tell them you and him are the cause of this child. And keeping it will only cause this child pain. As far as wanting nothing to do with him and keeping the baby that is not only your decission. You both made this child. Then what is up with SKY wanting you to get child support. That makes you even more a stupid B*tch, if you dont want anything to do with him and dont want him in your life DONT get child support. By doing that you truly want him in your life still. This will give him every right to see this child. But for now you messed up. Now here is my story. I am the product of an affair. My mom kept me and told me that she did becouse she loved me and so on. Well my mom got child support and my father struggled to pay for his family he already had, and my mom would not let him see if unless he paid all this court cost and took it to court. I blame my mom 100 percent. We have never been the same since the day I found out. My mom should of respected herself more than that. She was a cheep whore and guess what I am the product of that. I was not created out of love. I was created out of LUST, Horneyness, Lies and Hurt. Enjoy keeping your child becouse in the end they will find out and you will be to blame as much as the dad. Oh and keep taking his money to make the car payments.


mon - October 27

I too am in a long term relationship with a married man. Also good friend. I have fallen pregnant, and am 32. I don't have anyone else in my life, and quite happy with the situation. MM is pleased about the pregnancy however, only because he knows that I want a child. He will not be leaving his wife, but does want to support me emotionally (as well as some financial). If your MM loves you, and if you have been with him so long, explain to him that you do want a child. You don't necessarily have to put a name on the birth certificate. And maybe he will understand. If he doesn't, I would say have it anyway. He will be only looking out for himself then, in which case you owe him nothing. I want my child. I would never give it up, and if MM told me too, it would be so long forever for him. I guess I am lucky that he is understanding. Dont take it to heart too much some of the flames. You dont have to meet these women, and a lot of them are insecure or have been burnt by their men.


To Mon from E - October 27

Mon, How are the women who oppose affairs and prefer single, unattached men "insecure"? If anything, we are the secure, stable ones on this board. As far as your statement about the man "only looking out for himself" if he doesn't want the baby, what is different about your att_tude?? You clearly are not thinking about anyone but yourself. I do not know how you manage to justify this to yourselves.


AM - October 28

mon you are just like Katy in this relationship with a married man. Dont you understand that if he truly loved you he would be married to you not his wife. Plus when he says he doesnt want to baby that is becouse he already has a life and you are just a little extra fun for him. He may think that he loves you but when it comes down to it he loves the one he stays with. If you really want a child why didnt you look for a Father for this child. Maybe someone who wasnt married and you could of planned on being in this childs life. You are just as selfish as any man by keeping the baby because YOU want it. In the end the child is the one who grows up without a father and that is your fault because you messed with a married man who was already in a relationship. GROW up people!!!


AM - October 28

To E Why is it if we do not AGREE with these women who hurt other families is must be because we are insecure?????


To AM from E - October 28

I know. I think they have nothing better to say and that is how they justify such an immorailty. Oh, I can't wait for someone to jump in and tell me affairs are not immoral. GO FOR IT. It's that kind of day for me:)


non judgemental - October 31

" judge ye lest ye be judged" I don't judge others, we all make mistakes in our lives and each one of us has some skelatons in our closets. Katie is only human just like all the rest of us, with faith and the willingness ti work hard and give her baby all the best she can in life, she will be just fine...........shame on the ones that are so d__ned judgemental, wake up, you aren'r dead yet, and if the truth be known I bet most of the ones who are so negative has much worse in their pasts.......guerenteed!



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