Pregnant N Going Thru A Lot

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Well I just found out 2weeks ago that I'm 4weeks pregnant. But I had left my boyfriend that I have been with for 4 years before I even found out I was pregnant. I really didnt leave him...I just told him I needed my space cuz we would argue for little things and I was just tired of it and wanted my space...a week passed I try to work things out with him...but he told me I broke his heart and cant believe I wanted space...blah blah..and now its his turn...he needs his space, so I was okaye with it...but this whole time I didnt know I was pregnant until I miss my period for a whole month and a half...and my body started to I went to clinic and took the test and it came up POSTIVE...I was soooo shock...I told him right away...and he was excite somewhat scared cuz were both 20 and plus we dont know how were going to tell my parents....Were still not together becuz I told him I dont want US to get back together cuz of the baby...I want it to be becuz WE both want too but not becuz I'm prego and he agrees...but he's been there for me since we found out...he'll call everyday to check up on me and come to see me...he's the greatest and hopefully by the time our baby comes everything will fall to place...and our family still doesnt know...but this weekend is when that BIG DAY comes...wish US LUCK...take care....


JAZMINE MOMMY... - January 18

can someone help me out...and answer please...


jap05 - January 18

Jazmine - I am sorry, after reading what you wrote I don't know exactly what answer you are looking for. It sounded like you were looking for support and prayers. Every couple has disagreements, you have to learn to agree to disagree. You also have to learn how to fight healthy - no low b__ws, no past issues that are old, no name calling, threats.... you have to discuss what it is that you are in disagreement about at the moment and stay focused on that one issue, do not create more issues leading to a bigger fight. If the two of learn how to disagree and how to resolve the disagreements (realizing you may not agree but come to middle ground), you will find this relationship will be better and less stressful for everyone including your unborn child. Children have to learn to resolve conflict and it starts with you two as parents. God luck and the best to you and your BF.


(Jazminz Mommy) - January 19

Thank Jap05 for your advice. You are so right and I agree on everything you had said. We just need to let go of the past and forcus on the future. But it seems different now because we never talked about getting back together or anything like that...I really do want to work things out with him not because of the baby is because I really do LOVE this guy and WE been thru' soooo much together...I just feel he doesnt feel he same...all he tells me that he wouldnt throw our relationship away but how can I get to him and let him know that I'm serious I really want US to work things out...but all my concerns of right now is about my unborn BABY....and he's there for me but I asked him to go to the doctors appiontment with me this friday and he said he cant he has cla__s(college student) but I know he'll get out just in time...and he said he wont be able to go and then we started to argue...I dont know whats wrong with day he's sweet the next day he's an @$$....he hasnt called since monday...unitl i got of hold of him today and it was a good conversation we had....i got upset and hung up cuz he had a bad att_tude that i cant stand...please help me out...what am i to do?? I yelled @ him and told him to stay out of my life and the babys life cuz he's acting like he doesnt care...I told him to dont ever call me again to see how i'm doing...were DONE!! I was sooo mad cuz today he act like he didnt care and didnt even call me back....please help me out...argue with him isnt going to get US no where...but he has a lot of growing up to do....


jap05 - January 20

Jazmine - How old are you? is this your first preg? I am curious and was wondering about those two things before I answer.


JAZMINE MOMMY - January 20

I'm 20 yrs old....and Yes this is time being prego....


jap05 - January 20

I know you are not going to like this response, but here it goes.... You are young and so is he the two of you still have a lot of growing up to do. With this being your first pregnancy you are going to experience changes mood swings, physical, and more. I think you are being a little unfair to your BF. It sounds like he is trying, he may not be able to go to every visit and you will have to be understanding from time to time. Please remember women & men do not think alike. He may not have seen this visit as a big deal, it may have been a check up in his eyes. Maybe he would have been more eager or willing to rush from cla__s if it was an ultrasound or a significant moment. You stated above that he calls you and checks on you, don't put too much pressure and push him away. From your own words he is good to you and is supporting you. if someone is constantly telling you what you didn't do and how come you didn't, are you going to rush to call them? I mean really he doesn't want to hear how he wasn't supportive just because he missed one visit, he wants to be appreciated for being man enough to step up to his responsibilities. He is adjusting to changes just as you are, work together and try to understand him. Be thankful for the good things he does. He could have ran. You could not be called & checked on and he could not be going to any visits. I apologize in advance if you feel this turned around on you, i just don't want you to end up alone if he is good to you. Unplanned pregnancy can be hard on couples. Give your man a break and thank him for being there when he can be.


Jazmin mommy - January 21

Thanks for your right and I agree with everything you said. I knew that was the answer but I just wanted to hear from someone else because I'm hard head like I THANK YOU for your advice and he does care cause he called dis' morning to let me know that he's going with me....this is only my second visit...and I know I shouldnt be upset if he misses a few because this is just a check up..thanks again.......JAP05...take care and thanks for the LUCK...GOD BLESS YOU....Jazmin mommy!!



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