Pregnant The Father Could Be One Of Two Guys

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bijou - April 9

I am 4 weeks pregnant, do not know how it happened because after unprotected s_x I took the "morning after pill" I have been seeing two different men but they do not know about eachother. I suspect the babys father is the one that I just broke up with last night. He emphatically does not want kids. (He would hate me forever if I told him I was pregnant)The other man that I am seeing desperately loves me and would probably marry me. Should I convince him that the baby is his? What if he does a paternity test after the baby is born and finds out he is not the dad? Should I tell the other one who I left that I am pregnant but he does not have to be involved? What would be the long time mental anguish that I would go through lying about the father of my child. The guy I broke up with looks a lot like me so the looks of the baby would not be an issue. I am a good person and I cannot believe that I have gotten myself in this mess. I really want a baby so bad but wanted to wait for the right guy.


Ashley - June 23

I think you should let both guys know because if the one that would marry does in fact request a paternity test you may lose him forever.


Sydney - June 29

Bijou-I agree-i am in a similar situation & this could have definately happened at a better time in my life. I am 15 weeks pregnant & found out at 5. I also wasnt sure between 2 being my ex who i had a long relationship with & the second being the guy I only dated for a month. I prayed that my ex would be the father but as you I had a feeling it was the other guys...I also contemplated on doing what you are thinking. I knew if I fooled my ex into thinking it was his then I would atleast have someone i knew and cared for there for me during my time has pa__sed I am certainly glad I did not. I finally told my ex that I was pretty sure it was not his, but there was always this chance...I told him I did not think it was very probable though. I know it is hard by yourself, but things will work out...I wouldnt lie b/c you are right-in the end the paternity test will tell all. If you fool the one guy to believing its his (tho you really believe it not to be) then you may both end up getting hurt in the end. attachments along the way, heartbreak...through deceit like this, things usually dont end up the way we plan! it's all temporary! Have faith & things will work out how they are intended to!



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