Pregnant With Ass Holes Baby

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:- ( - January 3

Just reading some of the questions and answers on this forum I feel that a lot of us women are settling for much less than we deserve from these men. I too have been STUPID and can't believe what the father of my unborn child has done now. We have been having problems and I actually broke things off with him last Thursday and it was very hard for me but I was managing. Well on Saturday morning at 7:00am I receive a collect call from him and he was in jail and had been arrested for DWI and assault after getting into a fight leaving a club on Friday night. He said he knew that we were not together, but begged me to get him out of jail and stupid me did it. His bail was $2,000 and I had to pay a bails bondsmen $300 of my money to get him out. Well I did and since then he's back at my house and taking advantage of me again just when I thought I had broken this cycle. He's broke and has nowhere to go so he's staying with me again. He did not go to work yesterday or on Saturday stating that he's just been so tired, he claims because I'm pregnant he’s tired (whatever). We decided before all this happened that I would most likely have an abortion since we were not going to be together and I can not afford to take care of this child alone. He has changed his whole tune now and wants me to keep the baby saying that even if we are not together he still wants this child and he will help me take care of it. I'm already a single mother and I know from previous experience that he can say anything now but that doesn't mean he will be there for me later. I've had an abortion in the past but for some reason I've been very scared and hesitant this time but since we agreed I felt it would be best for both of us. Now he has me second guessing my decision and I'm not sure why considering he doesn't have anything to offer me. I let him use my car today and he dropped me off at work so he could go to work considering he has no other transportation and I want him to work so he can pay me back my $300. I feel that the way I take care of him and he expects it that I'm his mother not his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend. I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday to see exactly how far along I am so I can make some decisions fast. I've already been a foul for this BOY and feel like I'm back in the same situation again. Any advice?


RUN - January 4

AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! You might have to count that $300 as a loss and money well spent to get rid of a bigger problem.



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