Pregnant With Twins At 17

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Ruthie - September 8

I'm pregnant with twins, in the 5th month, and single. I don't have any income and no job or help with this. I'm thinking I may have to look at adoption for them. Does anyone know of a good adoption agency, with open adoption, and can it be enforced, if the adopters decide to close the adoption after it's legalized? I'm running out of time and can't sleep. Please don't tell me about getting pregnant, I know exactly how it happened! No insults please.


jaedyn - August 26

i agree with sarah. u are pregnant because it was in god's plan for you to have two beautiful children. and i also agree with her bout the state a__sistance. no one has to know but you and the state. u can find a place thru section 8 or some kind of low income housing in your area. i was 19 when i had my first child and i was in the same shoes as you. no money no job and really no one to help me out. i went to the state got on TCA (temporary cash a__sistance) i applied for subsidized housing and was approved for a 2 bedroom townhouse/apartment. after i got in my place i looked around for some kind of public transportation such as a county bus or something and luckily there only cost $1 a day and it goes all over the county plus the bus stop isn't far from my house. i took the bus up to the nearest mall and applied to every store, restaurant, etc. that i came across. i was working two jobs and as for day care...i applied for purchase of care which is also thru the state and they pay for most of my daycare. i know i sound like im livin off of the state but its not like im just sittin at home..i have a job and im able to support my son and i..i hope this helps! please don't give up your friend gave her son up for adoption thinkin that she would be able to still see him and the adoptive family cut all communication with her. u dont want to live with the thought of having children somewhere out there. it may sound hard being single but remember god will only put food on your plate that you can eat (as i say *smile*). may god bless you and your beautiful unborn babies!


Ruthie - August 27

Thank you both for the advise. I know you are both right. I will look at the programs my state offers and see what I can get in the way of help. I will let you both know. Thanks


SaRaH - August 27

Ruthie you will be fine! At times it may seem hard and you may want to give up, but if you stay strong you will be very very happy with the outcome!!!!!!!!!! GOD bless you!! Keep us posted!


Kim - September 4

You are a brave woman and selfless to consider adoption. I am young and have never been pregnant and I am going thru IVF treatments and we fear I never will be. I want you to know that if you search your heart and decide that adoption is what you want to do that so many couples like us would be beyond grateful to you. Good luck and bless you!


Chrystal - September 8

Ruthie, Please don't panic in this situation. I have some information that probably will help you if would just e-mail me at [email protected] You are in my prayers. PLEASE e-mail me.


Beau - April 17

You will do well. My twins were born when thier mother was just 17. They are now 19 one's in junior college the other is working. So all I can offer is hang in there and you will do well. By the way I never did mary thier mother. All that proves is that I was rather imature 20 year ago. I have since made up for it. I put thier mother through school. She is now a teacher in Florida with a Masters in English Lit.


for Ruthie - April 17

Hey Ruthie, I feel for you - it must be tough. I agree with everyone - it's God's plan for you to have these two wonderful little ones. But it also may be God's plan for you to give them up for adoption. There are so many families out there just praying for a blessing - you and your babies may be the answer to their prayers. I don't know anything about adoption, but from reading these boards I know there are many women dying for a child. If you're interested, look into your local community group, church group, etc. I'm sure there's tons of info out there as soon as you start to ask. Best of luck to you!


Amanda - April 23

you know that you dont ahve to just go through and agency for an adoption. Allot of people out there will do a independant adoption. You see WE have been trying for over a year to get pregnant and I dont ovulate so i dont know if i will ever have a famil I love kids more then anything in this world but adoption is expensive very. And we have just started to consider adoption we want to have an open adoption because i think that any kid in this world needs to know who there real mom was and how much she loved him or her. And to be a part of that babys life from day one and till the end. If you ever consider doing an independant adoption please please email me and i will let you know anything that you want to know about me to see if we are someone that you would allow to be th 2nd parents to those wonderful babys taht you have [email protected] And my prayers are with you through your decision and your pregnancy cause i know they are both diffcult situations


Cheryl - April 23

Ruthie, I have a 4 year old adopted son. We adopted privately without an agency. If you would like more information you can email me [email protected] private adoptions are less complicated than agency adoptions and you don't have so many people involved trying to tell you what to do. It is much easier this way. Believe I know. We would love to adopt twins.


aaliyah - April 27

im pretty much in the sme siyuation as you i was adoped to the best adoption agency i know is the village for children and families.I understand its hard on you cause im only one year older than you but placing them in foster care untill you can manage would be the best thing for you to do !


Amanda - May 1

Do you know how hard it is to get a baby non the less babies to stay in the same home in foster care? and how hard it is to get them out of the system once they are in. I am sorry but that was bad advice


Anne - May 1

Hi Ruthie we are interested in an open adoption and would love to speak with you.We have an attorney and are interested in private (Non-Agency)adoption. Our attorney can draft our contract to fit the needs and wishes of the birthmom. In turn we would ask that the birthmom show the contract to her attorney so that he/she can be sure that the birthmom is getting her wishes. If you email me your email address I can send you our adoption profile and some photos of us. If you like what you see, perhaps we can begin to talk and you can get to know us. We are looking for a birthmom who we can get to know personally and consider her a part of our family through the growth of the child that we adopt (Or children in your case) ;) We would really love to hear from you. My email address is [email protected]


latasha - May 20

if you don't want you twins we will be happy to take care of them (i'm an twin) and me and my twin love twins. but i am the one who can not have no child so i diecided to find a set of twins and adopted them so if you can help me please right back know thank you.


Liesbeth and Guido - May 21

Ruthie, we are a Dutch and want adopt maybe we can help you..we have a website and I will ask you are you the girl on the website with will you contact me it [email protected]


melissa - May 21

hello ruthie.My name is melissa.I am 21 and my huisband is 25.We have a 2 year old and want another.I had a lot of problems with my last pregnancy so we dont want to do it again.My husband is a twin so we thought about adopting twins.We would love to talk more with you if you would like to.good luck.


aisha - May 21

This thread is nearly a year old. By My calculations ruthie been had the baby and kept it or adopted them out already. Its sad to see so many couples in need of a child..whynot adopt a child with a disability?



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