Problems With Boyfriend And Being Pregnant

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suejoe420 - June 28

I have been with my boyfriend for seven years. In Feb. I went and got a pregnance test. I found out I was Pregnant, I called my boyfriend and told him that I was Pregnant. At first he said there was no way that he was the father. I am now 34 weeks from my due date, and feeling really lonely and wish he would just accept that he is the father of our child. What should I do, I ;m losing my mind. I just want us to be happy and raise our daughter together.


oct19bad - June 28

I have no advise but i know how you feel.. I hate the loenly feeling its the worse


Bilmes123 - June 29

Honestly...why as soon as you tell a guy your pregnant they say " oh it can't be mine " like common...unless you have cheated on him in the past there is no way that he should be doubting it. exspecialy since you two have been together for that long.. Men should stop running away from there problems and making up exuses.


clindholm - June 30

I would have a paternity test done as soon as that baby is born and prove it to him! As far as if you can ever be happy with a jerk like that, I don't think so. I wish you the best.


mommamare - July 1

I agree with clindholm, get a paternity test done after the baby is born. Maybe he has jitters (come on!) and when he realizes he is really a daddy now, he will step up and you can work things out. But, if he still has issues after the paternity test, the best you can do for your baby is try and get along as best as possible for the baby's sake. It can be difficult at times, but is best in the long run. Either way it works out, definately get the ball rolling on establishing child support. With my first child, I was pretty much alone from the start, as he found someone new as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I felt alone in that sense, but I had my friends and family for support. While you can't make him want to be with you and the baby as a family unit, hopefully he will want to be in the baby's life as a good role model and dad! I worked hard on trying to keep my daughters father in her life and while it took awhile, they have a good relationship now and no matter what my feelings are toward him, my daughters feelings toward him are more important! I hope things do work out for you all, but make sure you establish Child Support asap because it can takes months to finally get a judgement-and he definately needs to help support this little bundle of joy financially! I hope this helped a little!


sweetiepie - July 3

Yeah, the father of my kid (Brandon) says that too. we found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks. He was supportive at first and then he disappeared more and more. So i had started talking to a guy I used to date. Not because i wanted to get with this other guy but because i felt abandoned and needed someone to talk to. Well Brandon found out and went hysterical and now he keeps saying it's not his kid.



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