Problems With Dishonest Father

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MelliAngel1980 - May 6

I am 25 years old and pregnant with my second child. I have a 4 year old daughter from a previous relationship whose father threw me out two years ago for another woman. My current boyfriend (of 7 months) and the father of the new baby has been acting suspiciously lately and I have been miserable. I finally got him to admit he was speaking with his ex girlfriend after I found calls to her from my cell phone! He insists he has only talked to her, but I have reason to believe more is going on. He has an apartment he shares with roommates, but stays at my apartment every night. He is basically living here and storing his stuff there (he's in a lease until November and won't break it). He leaves out of the blue and goes to "his parents". He has been out of a job for 3 months and his cell phone has since been shut off. So he uses his phone being turned off as an excuse to not call me. I've called his parents house once or twice but never get an answer. And I don't want to call because I've never met them (suspicious too, considering they live only 15 minutes from here). He finally broke the news to his parents two nights ago and he told me they flipped out so he took off and spent the night in the woods. He called me yesterday afternoon and told me about the situation and that he had just returned to his parents house. We ended up in an argument about the status of our relationship. I told him how I feel unsupported and unincluded in his life, and how I can't stand it when he disappears and I don't hear from him. We talked for quite awhile and he said he would call me later regardless of what went on with his parents. He also said he'd be back here by the time I got home from work today. Lo and behold, no phone call and no one was here today. He did, however have time to sign onto the internet today according to a site he introduced me to. So this is where I am, where do I go from here?


chezg - May 7

Hi, hmmm....u are obviously trying to do your bit in the relationship but it seems he inst 100% there for u and unborn baby. I reckon when u do see him, u guys need to sit and reason out everything (if possible) ask him what he wants, tell him to be truthful and upfront coz its stressin u and u cant afford to be stressin whilst being pregnant. I dont know, its like u guys been together for 7 months and u havent met his parents and u r pregnant?? Dont set ur heart on him..... hope all works out for you though



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