Question For All The Females Out There

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A Female - October 22

Why do females allow themselves to get into all these different situations? Females are the ones in control here. We have the reproductive equiptment, we carry the child and we can kill the child within us. Why do we allow men to comcur our bodies and then just walk away. WE are the powerful ones here, but we act like the weaklings!!! Why do so many females allow this? WE have children when we're too young. WE teach our children that dads aren't important. WE allow the guy to walk away from his child. WE pick these creaps to be the father of our children. WE keep the children and allow them to be pulled around between guy after guy as we DATE and try to find the right guy in our lives. WHY DO WE ALLOW THIS??? We're told we've a long way, I think we're just little kids trying to be adults without the history of years to back it up.


Judy - October 22

That is a very good question! I do not know why we do it. We are empowered to have the babies for a reason!!!! I am guilty myself of allow my ex to control the situation. BUT...I LEFT HIM!!! Because I realized I don't need him! I think we have self esteem issues and for some reason believe we need men to survive. I wish that we could change the mindset and start believing in God and ourselves!!!


Mellissa - October 22

Just remember that you're right, you are in control of your own life! You can choose who is worthy to be a part of your life (and your children's) and all those unworthy can hit the road! It's a risk any women takes when she gets s_xually involved with a man she should probably not be having children with and if she ends up pregnant, it's her job to decide whether she's better off including the father in the baby's life... or just taking the child support cheques and leaving. One emotionally stable and loving parent is better than two parents who are miserable (especially when one parent never wanted a baby to begin with)


nmarie - October 28

Do you know why? Because we are human and we make mistakes. This may sound like a cop-out, but it's the truth. Life is a learning experience, and most of us learn by the experiences we go through and the mistakes we make. Don't ever fool yourself and think that certain things can't happen to you because You're "too smart" or maybe "know better". I thought i was too smart many times in my life, and like a lot of people, have made my mistakes. But that's how life is. We are strong, but we are not super women. We don't allow this, it also takes two to bring a child into this world, and sometimes no matter how smart or "powerful" we think we are, things like what you mentioned happen to us. That's just life darling.


E - October 28

This is a good one for 'Daile' !! She preaches to teens that it is your hormones that cause you to act in such a way and environment is not a part of a human's life course. We are all just a bunch of h__y women that can't keep our pants zipped!!



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