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scared - April 6

iam 24yrs old i have had three abortions, because i am terrifeied to tell my family, i am always depressed and sucidial at one time. i have never let my family no, i am now preg and i am keeping the baby but i am alone and don't know what to do, my bf wants nothing to do w/ me, my family is a strict european family if i tell them they will tell me to abort or disown me, i am so afraid and scared i feel like running away, i have no one to talk to and i live at home. this is so hard because niether my family or or bf will support me.


Audrey - April 7

Scared- It's very hard to tell your family, but they should know if you intend to keep the child. If you've already had three abortions you might be risking not being able to have more children later because with each procedure scar tissue can build up. Try talking to your bf and asking him if he wants to part of his child's life if you keep it. Discuss other options with your doctor or someone you can trust. You're stronger than you might think. Best wishes!


supportforyou - April 7

Scared- How are you doing? telling anyone that you are pregnant is hard!! if you need to talk to someone i am here for you!! email me at ([email protected]). Good Luck


alisha - April 7

scared i know how u feel, i just found out yesterday i am pregnant and i am 24 yers old too, i never was pregnant before and never had any abortions though, i do have PCOS which makes it hard to have kids to begin with, my bf of 5 going on 6 years says he is not ready for kids and my family would be weird if i told them and would not really support me, the doc told me i am already 2 or 3 months and i am unemployed b/c i just recently graduated from college and was looking for a job and do not have maternity health insurance and i am not sure what to do either, i want to take responsiblity but i also have a lot of student loans to pay back too and do not know where to go for help or if there is any help out there, i hope things work out for u, u are not alone , best of luck!!!


Mari - April 14

DO you have any financial a__sistance offered in your state? Even if it is a type of Welfare, ask your parents whether or not they'd rather be supportive and help you or have a daughter living off government money. DO you have a job, can you do it on your own maybe find a roomate in a similar situation, what about a friend? Email [email protected]


Ti - April 23

If you are depressed and suicidal- DO NOT keep the child- can you imagine how much harder a child will make things!!?? Adopt it out! Dont abort! Seek medical a__sistance for your condition!


!~ - April 24

thank you everyone i am keeping the baby i have confronted my family they r very supportive, but not my ex boyfrieng and i have been speaking w/ a counsler about post abortion depression.


?? - May 2

I feel for you I have also been in your situation. But keeping a baby when you can't even take care of yourself is not fair to either yourself or your baby take control be brave but don't ruin your life. You should seek help from someone if not your family talk to a counsler or a friend you can't keep everything bottled up inside it only makes it worse. As for wanting to commit sucide you are calling for us to help you! PLEASE DON"T DO IT I want you to talk to someone you trust this is all very scary but you will get through it best of luck, take care


Howard - May 4

You need to finish HS and get on the pill or stop having s_x.


scared - May 4

howard i have finished high school, and i am in my third year of university, as far as the pill i always took it but i was not consistent because i always get severe migranes, thank-u for ur negative feed back.


April - May 4

scared... don't listen to howard.. you said you were 24.. what would you still be doing in high school?? he obviously wasn't paying attention... so it's been about a month since you posted your question.. has anything new happened? how're you feeling?


scared - May 4

i am feeling so good and i am looking frwd, to having this baby my family is so excited, and really supportive, since i have talk to the counsler i. realized not to bottle things up and feel that i am alone. thank u april for your concerns. sometimes people can just feel all alone also i had lots of guilt from my past abortions.



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