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JennyW - May 2

Hi everyone, I just need a bit of advice. I am 11 wks pregnant and my boyfriend is breaking up with me because I wouldn’t get an abortion. We have been dating for 10 months. During these times he talked about marriage and kids all the time. Now that I am pregnant, he said he doesn’t want to be part of my life or the baby’s life. I really am afraid doing this alone and really would want him to be part of this. Financially I think I should be able to manage, but emotionally I am just not sure. He wants me to sign him off for child support. He doesn't want me to tell his parents about this baby. I am just so angry at him….how can he acting this way? We got ourselves into this situation, now he just wants to have nothing to do with us. He is well educated, the only child to his parents whom are still married after 50 years. I just don’t get it….. What should I do with him? I am just so lost p.s. He said he will help out a little like take me to hospital


klweezy - May 2

JennyW- I am a single mother of 1. He is now 5 years old and his father is the same way! I have learned to let him be! Difference is, I don't want to be with him. I did do it on my own! You are a lot stronger than you know, I discovered that along the way! You make the right choices for YOU and your baby, everything else will fall into place. And if he doesn't want anything to do with the baby, his loss. Hang in there... it does get easier!


anechka - May 2

Jenny W, I'm 20 years old, trying to finish school and doing this alone. my situation is a little different because the father SAYS he wants to be involved, but he doesn't do anything to show it. I'm in LA and he left me here to go live in the bay area with his brother and friends. So I'm going through this alone. I want him to give me custody because I can't stand him coming back and leaving like he always does when the baby is there... you can do this... we can both do it!!! *sigh* but it sure does get lonely, sad and tough....


April - May 3

Guys crack me up when they think they can just sign away their rights or sign off from child support. It just doesn't work like that. Anyway... just don't worry about your ex for now.. he may come around and he may not. Either way you and your baby will do fine. I went my entire pregnancy and 8 months after my girl was born without her father. He finally started to come around a month ago and is doing very well with her. He comes to my house to visit her 3 times a week. We were doing just fine without him and we're still doing fine with him coming around. I'm sure the same will apply to you. Just relax, and think about your baby and you and how special your bond will be.


JennyW - May 3

Thanks so much for your advice. I am thankful that you take your time to give me support and encouragement. Thanks again. Jenny


Been There - May 3

Do you know his parents very well? Just because he doesn't want them to know, doesn't mean they don't want to know. It's not fair of him to depriving his parents of their grandchild. Only you know something about what you should do about telling his parents or not. I would suggest that you not let him get off easy with child support. If he doesn't want to be in the baby's life, fine. But he still needs to take responsibility. You didn't make this baby by yourself. Good luck. I'm sure you'll make the decision that works for you.


Rachel0510 - May 4

Hit him up for child support and send him on his merry way. If he wants to be there for you and the baby he will, if not he won't - that's the fact. And if you want to be a real b___h, tell his parents! I can't stand the so-called men!


JennyW - May 4

Sorry Been There ...I didn't mean to push poor taste b___ton...I dont know what that would do... Anyway, I dont know his parents at all..because they live in UK. He told me he will tell his parents when he is, I will wait and see...thanks for you comment...:-)


frankschick2001 - May 8

He pretty much doesn't have a choice but to pay child support. And I would definitely make him help out financially. If he is scared to ahve his parents find out, oh well, tell him to grow up.


JESS1980 - May 9

Hi Jenny! I know things are hard on you, and I know you are afraid. But don't forget that your BF is probably VERY scared too. Sometimes when people are scared, they act in very strange and unpredictable ways. My advice is to be patient. Also, I would like to suggest taking your BF to the next ultrasound with you. Sometimes when people actually see their baby on the monitor and hear it's heartbeat, it brings on a very powerful feeling and it may help him get over some of his fears. Best of luck to you!!!


Been There - May 9

Jenny, I didn't even know you pushed that b___ton. Would they have sent me a message about it? Anyway, It's okay.



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