Scared Amp Alone

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Marsaili - July 29

I am so sacred of having this baby alone. I am 5 weeks pregnant & I have only been seeing my boyfriend for 3 months. The worst part is that we're both going through divorces & still married to other people. I am already raising a 2 year-old & 4 year-old alone. I feel like I made a huge mistake in falling for a man before my divorce was final... now I feel so alone. My boyfriend is still around, I just know he doesn't love me & that hurts.


Kelly - August 6

dearest annie. People come here for support. YOU are the one who needs to GROW UP!!! First of all we all make mistakes, (I'm sure you've made a few Anne) but we need to learn from them. 2nd of all, what mistake exactly? That your both not officially divorced yet? Well, I'd get on it. The fact that your already rasing 2 children alone? Well, it looks like maybe it's time to sit down with BF and have a heart to heart about the situation. Don't be so hard on your self. It will work out. And Anne? Get a life....of your own.


Marsaili - August 9

Thanks, Kelly. I am feeling a lot better now than I was for the first few weeks I knew I was pregnant. My family isn't being very good about my involvement with my bf & they don't know about the baby yet. I have always been careful to do things right & stick to my beliefs which is why this upsets me so much. I shouldn't have given into my feeling for bf before my divorce was final because it has really complicated things, but honestly I really care about him & I wouldn't trade what we have together. We both started our divorces before we met each other, but there's a mandatory 6 month wait in our state. I believe things will work out in the end... I have just never been in a situation like this & I am scared.


Kelly - August 10

Well, good luck to you. I hope it all works out. How does bf feel about hte baby? No matter what though, just keep you chin up and dont let what other people think or say get you down.


Marsaili - August 17

Bf is just as scared as I am about the baby & us & the whole situation. It makes it hard, but he is a great guy & I'm lucky he's being so supportive. He says that everything is going to be great someday & I hope he's right.



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