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jessie - November 3

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 years. I'm ready for a child but he's not , he says i'm selfish and i'm really thinking about ending this relationship I love him and everything but i want to start a family and move forward in my life. do you guys think i'm bring selfish please help me ?


Fiona - November 4

No Way, you should do what feels right for you. I am in a similar situation and I just want to go ahead and do get pregnant with ot without his agreement. But I'm not going to expect or hold out for him to stick around when it happens! I'm happy to do it alone, if it comes to that. :-)


Karen - November 7

Hi Jessie, I don't think you're being selfish, but do think you should think very carefully before deciding to be a single mother. It looks like I am going to be exactly that and it is terrifying. I think if he isn't going to commit to you I would find someone else that will. My guy has been dangling me for over 12 years now and even with the baby on the way is no closer to commitment than he ever was. I've been stupid to settle for this type of situation. Karen


Kris - November 11

Jessie - I ended a 4 year relationship last year with a wonderful man because I was ready for marriage and kids and he wasn't. Maybe 2 months later, I met the man I am with now, the father of my baby. (I am currently 20 weeks) My advice to you would be to be very careful who you settle down with after leaving your current boyfriend. I jumped into this relationship, because I felt that I wanted this so badly, I pretty much took the first man that came along that wanted the same thing as me. MISTAKE!!!! I know that this baby is not a mistake, but being with him has been. He is not at all what I want. I was in such a hurry to find what I was looking for, that I forgot to look for what really matters. I would give anything to have my ex back. He was such a wonderful man, that had I been a little more patient, he would have been ready to settle down eventually, I just rushed things. So think about this very carefully before deciding. I am not saying you shouldn't move on if you two are in different places in your life, just be careful where you move to next! Good luck girlfriend!!


Mickey - November 13

Hi Jessie, and Fiona. I was in a similar situation, and as Fiona I thought about getting pregnant without him agreeing. I was actually secretly tracking my ovulation so I knew when not to use protection - but I couldn't go through - it didn't seem fair to him. However, we had a malfuntion of equipment, and I got pregnant anyway. That hasn't changed anything in our relationship - he is no more grown up than he used to, and now I am thinking that I should leave him and abort the child I was hoping so much for. Getting pregnant with the wrong guy is not the answer - I would give anything not to be in this situation. Mickey



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