Shaving Your Legs Lol

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almostdone - June 8

well i am 35 weeks and 5 days and single. i cant reach my legs to shave them. and its about to drive me crazy. anyone else single and having that problem.


MelissaP - June 9

omg..i always worried about the leg shaving thing when I actually got pregnant. I have thought of some options: Have a friend/husband/significant other shave them for you....or get them waxed! Yeah, it hurts a little but then you wont have to worry about it =)


MelissaP - June 9

oh and I have already had some laser hair removal done so that has helped alot with the growth...but I still need touch I am a little on the hairy side....d__n Portuguese genes!...LOL


samantha_2629 - June 13

Hey almostdone. I'm 34 weeks and I'm single too. And I'm having the same problem! It's sooo hard to shave my legs but I swore that I would do my best to keep up with it. I just take time out to actually sit on the floor of the tub (which is EXTREMELY difficult by the way) and shave my legs. The calves of my legs are much easier than my thighs lol but that kind of works out because I'm not really wearing short shorts these days lol It's hard....but I try my best lol I'm afraid to go into labor and have these horrible hairy legs!


somegurl - June 17

lmao I just gave up shaving unless im wearing capris or a sundress. i have gone weeks without shaving my underarms!!!!!!!! now that is terrible becuase I have no excuse except laziness lmao and why should I? No one is going to see them anyways! I use to get waxed once a month and couldnt imagine going unwaxed I always felt so dirty and grungy with the stubble. but when I got around 5/6 months I was too embara__sed by the weight gain to let anyone see me naked lol so I stopped going.


Bilmes123 - June 18

I'm going to be moving back in with my when that happens I'm going to get my mom to do it haha. I know she would :P I'd do it for her


xoxoDENNIxoxo - June 26

yes d__n those portuguese genes!! xoxoDENNIxoxo



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