Should I Be A Single Mum

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shaz - February 28

im 22 and really want to be a mum and have found a donor. i am just wondering if all the hard work of raising child alone is worth it.has anyone done it and been glad they did?


Nameless - February 28

whoa there....what if you meet someone in the next year or two and wish you had waited? Have you really thought this through? If you have ill shut up but you are 22 not 42....please just think about it - its pregnant and on my own and just going through the pregnancy is tough.


shaz - February 28

am thinking it through alot! its hard decision to make!glad you are honest with me.


To: Shaz - March 1

Just some really should wait on it. cause like nameless may meet someone in the next few years and wish you waited. I hope you make a good decision about this. God bless.


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

There are satistics done on children born without a male role model and it's not good. There are likaly to act out, do drugs, drink, be very s_xtualy active, no matter how good of a mother you are! The crave the male and female attention and are curiouse as to see what the other side is! They grow up wondering and confused as to why they do not have a dad. It is really hard work for sure! And I don't recomend anyone doing it on their own! There are sleepless nights, fevers in the early morn, trips to the emergency at all hours of the night, you need someone else to help you! Even if it is family members! I am lucky as to have a husband who is amazing, but we had moved 24 hours from our family and I have only made a couple friends and it is hard not to have someone there to help you just when you need it! My husband is a great man but he works A LOT! I love to spend all the time in the world with my little one and she is such a blessing! She truly is my life and all that is so great in it! I think that you should do what you feel like and consiter everything! Maybe do a bit of babysitting over night! Talk to people you know that have children and ask them what was that hardest things of all! There are soooo many great advantages to a baby, but its so much more when you can share that with someone else! Don't give up on meeting that someone special! He's out there somewhere! Good luck to you and keep us updated! :) Take care!


shaz - March 4

my mum had me at 18 and my friends and cousins are having kids and they are under 21 so i wouldnt lose friends.would like my kids to grow up with friends and cousins kids.i hope to meet someone child would have my dad and brother as role models and my auntie raised 2 girls alone and they are lovely.i will do the very best i can for my children and love them.


JLK - March 10

Don't be stupid, why would you do that? Wait until you meet the right person.


#2 - March 10

Why do you want to be a mother so badly? Is there a void you want to fill in you life? Are you lonely? Do you need someone to care for, or someone to care for you? What are your reasons? You said you have thought this through. But have you really? Do you know any single moms? It is so hard to care for a baby who turns into a toddler who turns into a school age child who turns into a teenager and so on... Who needs diapers and formula and clothing and medicine and so on again. It is a 1000% job. You cannot give it back. It is a life long decision. And its a tough one to make. At 22 years old, you really should find yourself first before you bring a child into the world.(on purpose) And like nameless wrote, what if you do meet somebody in a couple years. Would you regret the decision then? I don't want to be rude but your whole life is not your own anymore when you have a child. Are you ready for that?


Benae - March 30

Get a puppy.


shaz - April 17

u were right about waiting,i met a lovely guy and he wants kids in 2 yrs time!


Bella - April 18

Taking care of a baby is not easy. Its not dress up and all fun and games. It is a lot of hard work. Especially alone. I had my first child at 24 and was married and I still felt too young. Another thing to think of also is that it will be a lot harder to date when you are a single mom. Its tough to go clubbing when you have a 3month old at home not to mention most men will not be as likely to date a single mom. Have you finished college? Are you finacially secure? These are some other things to think about as well. Personally, I think you are way too young to do that alone. Maybe you should look into what is missing in your life. Having a baby won't always fill all the gaps.



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