Should I Be Angry

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leah - August 6

I'm 5 months pregnant, my boyfriend loves me we are fine, but I get upset when he still asks me to go to house parties with him, where everyone will be drunk, people will be smoking(not just cigs), and not to mention I don't know anybody. I find it hard to socialize with drunk people when I'm not. I think it's pointless for him to even ask me to go. Then after he asks me and i get upset and say no thanks, I feel guilty for not going because then he doesn't want to anymore because I wont go. Am I wrong for getting upset?


Marsaili - August 9

Why is it that you're upset? Is it because you don't want to go or because you don't want him to go? It sounds to me like an argument that's not worth having. Think out how you're feeling, then talk to him calmly about how you feel about it. This is a big change for both of you & he needs time to adjust too. Good luck to you both.


? - August 10

If they are smoking it will still effect you and your child even if you are not the one smoking so i don't think you should go and jepardize your childs health as well as yours.


Trish - August 10

I agree with Marsaili, sounds like a no win situation. If he didn't ask you, you would probably be here writing about how he goes out but doesnt ask if you would like to go. You're not wrong for getting upset, you're just hormonal like the rest of us.


Lisa - August 17

Maybe you're upset b/c you've made changes in your life b/c you're pregnant and in the best interest of your baby....but are feeling that your boyfriend is going on like he did b/4 you got pregnant. I'd be upset if my husband even asked me to go into an environment that could potentially endanger our unborn child. Moreover, I'd be angry w/ him for not making the mental shift .....being willing to (at least temporarily) give up this partying lifestyle since we have a little one on the way.


~S~ - August 17

I think you're getting upset because you feel that you boyfriend doesn't understand the changes you've had to make in your life, whereas to you, you feel as though he hasn't made any changes or sacrifices and that bothers you. I think it's somewhat normal to think this way, but I don't think you should need to feel upset when he asks you out, you should feel kinda good about it, because from what I've read, a lot of daddy's to be exclude their wifes or gf's out of activities because she is pregnant, atleast your bf is still thinking about you. Just tell him kindly that you do not feel comfortable attending these parties because you're pregnant, that the environment (smoke and all) isn't good for you or the baby. Tell him that it doesn't bother you if you were to stay home while he goes, maybe this way he won't feel so bad and you won't have to sit at home and feel guilty. It's absolutly normal for you to feel as though you've made all these changes in your life but you partner is still out and about. My bf still goes out with his buddies, goes about his normal activities, whereas I have to stay home because I don't feel like going, or I'm in no condition to do so. I must admit at times I feel upset because it seems as though I'm sacrificing things and he's not, but it's because I want a healthy pregnancy, I want a healthy baby and I just keep on thinking, when the baby is here, that's when my man will have to start sacrficing and it's going to be harder for him becuase I've already gotten used to it.



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