Should I Have Taken Him Back

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ck587 - November 20

I'm 18 and 6 months pregnant. My boyfriend broke up with me because I didn't have a job and I didn't see the need in trying to find one until after the baby came. He hasn't even tried to save for the baby or anything but he has always broken up with me in order to get me to do things. But this time instead of crying over him I left town to stay with my sister. He would call crying and talking about killing himself because I didn't want him back. After a couple of days I decided it would be best to get back together for the baby. Well when we started talking about it he told me he had already slept with somebody else. We broke up on a Tuesday and he hopped in bed with her that Saturday. He says he is sorry and I really think he is but I can't get this out of my head and sometimes I really think that it will drive me crazy. Am I being too forgiving? Will he do it again? We have been hanging out and everything is working out but I can't let this go and I don't know how. Can anyone give me any advice?


April - November 20

Well, there's a few things you have to consider. You were broken up at the time so that technically isn't cheating... although it obviously wasn't the most considerate thing he could've done with you being pregnant and all. One good thing... he admitted it to you and didn't try to hide it. See, sometimes guys think with the wrong part of their bodies.. especially if they're scared, hurt, or upset. No this is not an excuse for them and it does NOT make it right, but I'm just telling you how things are. If you don't think you can get over it, then I don't think you should continue the relationship, but if you think you can put that a side and work on the relationship then I would say give it another shot. One thing though... if you DO stay with him... make it clear that this is his LAST SHOT... he can NOT keep breaking up with you in order to get you to do something. That isn't healthy for you or your baby. There are better ways of handling things, and if he can't deal with that in a mature way then lose him.



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