Should I Leave Him

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Heather - December 30

I am 29 weeks pregnant. I have been with my man almost 3 years. The problem is that he lets his 8 yr old daughter manipulate him like crazy. She is constantly causing arguments between us and he will never take my side or discipline her for anything. I am constantly having to protect my 5 yr old daughter from it all. I cant take it anymore. I have been to the ER twice during this pregnancy and was put on bed rest for the first 6 monthes(placenta previa). I cant handle all the stress. We used to be so close. Ever since I started showing he totally ignores me most of the time. I dont even feel as if Im being treated like a human being. He told me he thinks it would be easier for everyone if I just leave. I am 23 years old and my career before pregnancy was modeling. I cant do that in this condition. I will never be able to support myself and daughter until at least a couple of monthes after the babys born. However, my feelings are hurt and I dont want to stay with a man who treats me like I do not matter. What should I do??


zara - December 30

Does he know that how he is treating you is hurting you and his baby? If he really doesn't care, then you should leave him. financial support that he can provide is helpful, but not worth risking your health and your baby's health. Plus you have your other daughter to think of and how she is effected by all this. from what you say here i think leaving him is a good idea unless both of you are open to the idea of getting some counceling. If you decide to leave him, you should know that you are not alone. There are alot of single parents out there that are doing a great job. it won't be easy, but being a parent is never easy anyway. Best of luck to you.


yes - December 30

leave him for a couple days and when he begs for you back tell him he has to do something about her.


Tasha - January 1

Hey Heather I seen how you said you were on bed rest for 6 months from placenta previa. What exactly is that? Because i was bleeding and ended up in the hospital they had told me i had a tear in my placenta but never really explained what it was and how it happened. They put me on bed rest and I am still on it until my doctor makes sure everything is alright. I am wondering if you could tell me what that placenta previa is maybe what happened to me is related to that somehow.


Heather - January 3

Tasha, Placenta previa is when the placenta is covering the cervix either partially or completely. It feels uncomfortable to do almost anything-speed bumps are impossible. It can cause bleeding especially in labor because the placenta can tear trying to move. My midwife told me if my placenta stayed covering the cervix I would have to have a c-section.(I REALLY want a homebirth!) I stayed off my feet as much as I could and avoided heavy duty activities and the placenta went from 100% covering the cervix to 25% in 3 weeks! I'll have another ultrasound this wek but, I feel like its moved completely, all my symptoms are gone! You can have an ultrasound to check if the placenta is sitting where it should be. I hope your ok and I know its hard but take it as easy as you can, its worth it:)


Heather - January 3

Thanks! I actually explained to him how he's treating me is hurting me and the baby and then I offered to leave. I guess reality hit him because he's willing to compromise-finally. Thanks lots!



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