Should I Move On

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Jay - May 16

I gave birth to a married man's babies two months ago. We were dating for almost three years. I did not know he was married, he finally told me after I got pregnant. but he said that they were going through a divorce, and they have been going through a divorce for years now. He said the thing that kept the divorce from being final is that it is to expensive. I believed him and continue to date him even while I was pregnant. I know I was stupid, but he was with me the whole time and we even talked on the phone all day long so there wasnt anytime for his wife and other children. One day (I was 8 months pregnant) I saw him and his wife at a gas station, when he saw me pull up at the pump beside them, he jumped out the car a ran across the street. I confronted his wife and she told me that they are still married and are not going through a divorce. My heart dropped as she was telling me that they are still together, I told her that I was pregnant with his children and we've been together for almost 3 years. After that, he's still been over my place with me, he still says he loves me, he tells me that he wants to marry me and have more children. I dont know if I should believe her or him. And you know what?, ever since I confronted his wife, they are now actually getting a divorce. I love him but I dont know what to do. They were married for 10 years and have 2 children, me and him were together for only 3 years and now have 2 children also. During the times that we had arguments (that lasted for only a couple of days), he went back to his wife (even when I was pregnant) and had s_x with her. Does this say that they are still in love with each other or just they are still in love with each other's s_x? He claims that he only went back to her when we argued and when I wouldnt have s_x with him, but he always loved me more and he wants me to be his wife. what do you think about this? should I move on or should I try to work it out with him? His divorce wont be final for the next month so, should I just wait til when his divorce is settled? what should i do?


amanda.d - May 16

I would suggest moving on and waiting him out.HE needs time to grow and decide what he needs and wants, you don't need that.


April - May 16

First off... I have to say... this man lied to you for 3 years... is that honestly the kind of man you want to be with? Doesn't that make you wonder what else he's lied about? If he was really going through a divorce he would've (or should've) been up front with that right from the beginning.. that is VERY important information and should NOT be withheld from someone you are seriously dating. I would say.. DO NOT believe a word this man says, and if he'll do it to his wife.. he'll do it to you. Picture this... him and his wife get a divorce.. you guys get married.. a few years down the road you find out that he's had a girlfriend on the side for the past few years. Are you ready to handle that? I say forget about him and find someone who's worth your time. I know it's easier said than done.. but once you do you'll feel soooo glad you did, and this is speaking from experience. I dated a cheater for 2 years. I didn't know when we first started dating, but he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. Then he broke up with her for me. Then he cheated on me during our whole entire relationship, but I was too stupid to leave him until finally I caught him in bed with someone else. Getting cheated on is NOT fun and you can get STD's easily if you have a lover who cheats (1 in 4 people have an STD)... Also... "he only went back to her when we argued and when I wouldn't have s_x with him" HELLLOOOOO! that does NOT make it okay!! aren't you worried that every time you get in a fight he's going to run off to some other girl? see you deserve soooooo much better than this... there are so many loving guys out there... don't waste your time with a cheating sc_mbag... he WILL cheat on you too... (actually technically he has been cheating on you... if he has a wife that you didn't know about.. don't you think he's been sleeping with her too???) please please please move on...



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