Should I Tell Him To Just Forget It

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LonelyTears - June 24

I just gave birth to my daughter Alexis 9 days ago. Her father has not spoken to me since he broke up with me right before thanksgiving of last year. I have spent my entire pregnancy alone and the only contact we have is through email. I notified his family that I was having his child via snail mail ( i didnt leave contact info, just wanted them to know since he had not told them) He i/m me about 2 weeks ago wanting my phone number or address because his mother wanted to talk to me. I havent heard from her. I tried calling the last phone number I had for him when Alexis was born and it was disconnected. After I got home from the hospital, I told him she was born on i/m and sent him a pic. All he said was she looks like you. Not can I help, can I get her something etc..He lives in another state for college and we wont be seeing each other anytime soon. I told him I needed his mailing address to send him the information that will include him on her birth certificate and he just ignored me. He says when he graduates (in about 2 years he can be a better father) but what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Im fed up with being treated like c__p and Im just thinking I am going to tell him to just forget it. I dont want him popping up in her life in 2 years and she doesnt know who the h__l he is. Maybe we should just cut ties all together. What do you think?


mischelly30 - June 25

I think it's disgusting how he thinks that he can walk away from his own child for two years and then think that he can just come back like it's all ok. You don't have that option, why should he? I'd either (a) cut him loose by changing YOUR number and not contacting him any more or (b) if you are having financial difficulties, take him for child support.


mommyke - June 26

waiting... I feel the same way. My husband doesn't love me anymore, and I cruel and hurtful towards me. He has taken to going out and partying all the time, and calls me a baby b/c I am lonely and I cry and beg for him to come home and be with me. We both need to let go, but it is hard to be alone at this time. I am forced to tell my family b/c today is my birthday and my family will ask why he isn't at my birthday dinner. I kind of feel like I am forced to tell, but I know they will give me the love and support I need. it just means that it is officially over, and that is SO hard for me to do. Even though he has turned into a monster, I love him and I remember what he was like before, and I desperately want him back. It is going to be a tough road, but I am glad for my baby to help me get through. Hang in there - we both deserve better and will come out of this hell stronger people.



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