Should I Tell His Mother

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byonka - May 6

when i was 9 weeks pregnant my boyfriend left im now 33 weeks pregnant and havnt herd from him since , im now thinking of going to his family and telling them,im sure they dont know , shoud i tell them?


Aisha - May 6

I would...why should they lose the opportunity to know their grandchild? My babys father is in serious denial so I gave him till the babys born to get his head together but I will send pictures to his mother etc. Why should she lose out on the joy of a grandchild because he didnt realise that he could have kids...if she doesnt want to know then so be it but until then il give them the opportunity to know.Tell the parents.l


crystal - May 7

I think you should tell them. They at least have the right to know they have another family member out there, and if they choose to be apart of the baby's life then great. If not then that's their lost.


strength101 - May 8

First, I do agree that the grandmother / grandparents have a right to know. But here is the thing: do you really care about your childs father and would you like things to work out? What type of relationship did you have prior to pregancy? Men often panic when unexpected pregancy occurs. Some men change in time after the baby is born others never come around, I don't know your childs father only you do. My son just turned 4 months his father and I were together for 4 years in healthy relationship before I became pregnant. He like many others said and did alot of things. I went through the last two months and labor alone. I felt strong that his mother had the right to know. I had pictures, the DNA results (to prevent him from denial), and our court order just in case she wanted proof. I drove by when my son was barely over 2 months and eep driving in hopes that more time would give him a chance to a man and do the right thing. I knew once I told her he would feel like I made a choice to tell and disrespected him. He had no idea what is about to do. He would feel like maybe he was right and maybe I got pregnant on purpose to have that connection. Because I truly cared, to this day have not told her. I am glad I made the choice to keep driving. That was on in the middle of March on a Sunday and on Tuesday he called and asked me to go to dinner that he just wanted to talk with me. Things are off to good start and we do things the 3 of us and sometimes just the two of us. I did pressure him and he asked me to let him come full circle in his time. At first and sometimes I still think that is unfair no one gave me time slowly come around, but I try to understand. A few weeks ago he invited the baby and I over for a cookout with his cousin who lives with him. He took his son and knocked on his cousins door and introduced his son. He has also taken our son shopping for baby clothes and even bought something for me. We are back together but it is noce to see him smile at his son. He does not come around daily, but he is making effort. I don't know the future but I am glad I trusted my instinct to wait. I have asked if he plans to tell his mother and I have asked him not to take too much time. He said he plans to tell, he is is trying to accept the reality of having a son and is still not 100% but is working on it. He thanked me for never giving up and for having patience. Time will tell. In my heart I just knew he was a good person, I had a hard time thinking he could deny for a life time, after all we were together 4 years in a very good relationship. So know your partner and follow your heart of what you feel is best. If you don;t feel completely right then wait and see what happens in time. Good luck.


strength101 - May 8

Sorry for typos my baby was crying. I meant to say I never pressured him. Hopefully you can read through the other typing errors.


strength101 - May 8

oh one more error, I said we are back together, we are not. He was crying so i was trying to hurry and did not proof read.


lydia john - May 16

My mother is not an understanding person she a person who gets hurt alot, can be patient, get angry alot.How would I tell her that if i were to be pregent what do you think she will do if she were that kind of person?


shontay - July 3

yes you should tell his mother.



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