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BABYHOPE - March 31

SO.. I am needing some help for one of my best friends. and for me i guess on being a bettr friend for her in this.. She is almost 28 and pregnant by a man she has only known for almost 2 months. He is 29. They both own houses, cars, and have good jobs. Neither one have children. She wants to keep the baby he does not. and the reason he gives her is becasue he has alot going on at his work (he owns the company) and his parents may disown him becasue he is not married.. Her mother is very much excited to be a grandma.. She keeps going back in forth about keeping the baby because she feels like she is ruining his life.. He says he will not walk away if she does have it.. I need to know what advice to give her, i have never had an abortion, i have two kids by differnt fathers. i think she should have it because she wants it, and there is no good reason not to except p___sin him off.. I need help for her.. fast...


clindholm - March 31

I agree with you. I don't see what would justify an abortion. They are mature, finiancially stable and obvously where aware that pregnancy could occur. It sounds like he is making flimsy excuses. An abortion is a big decision and one that cannot be taken back. How would she handle it if she did it to please him and then regretted it? Or if they broke up? Noone can make this decision for her, she needs to think long and hard about it. Good luck, I hope she does not make a mistake she will regret.


Grandpa Viv - March 31

Hmm! This is a good age for baby-making. I think she should make her decision based on what she and her family would like, and leave him out. Pleasing him should not be part of it. They have not known each other long enough for him to be a good marriage prospect, baby or no.


BABYHOPE - March 31

Thank you both for your comments.. clindholm i agree with the flimsy excuses, im guessing that in a perfect world baby comes after marriage and after you have gotten to know each other... They are not boyfriend and girlfreind, they were just dating and doing the deed.. Grandpa viv you always have great advice so ive read on other post. She has a very big support system with family and friends.. and she is a very strong woman and she can do this, her mother did it, her dad was not around, so maybe she has thoughts about that she wants a dad for the baby too...?? goodness... keep the comments coming please



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