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Ceno - June 28

I'm young and am both financially and emotionally set. However, I am not in relationship and am planning on conceiving a child by the ending of this year. You're probably sitting and wondering why would I want a baby if I'm single? Yet there are plenty of single women raising their children and would not change it for the world. I have no problem being single and would like to start a family of my own. This is the year 2006 of the 21st century and many women are "doing their thing." Much props to those who are. Are there any other single women who are TTC though they are single?


am1903 - July 16

I just saw your post and that it was a long time ago, but I hope you'll still get the message! :) I am single and pregnant (not from TTC--one night stand). I have chosen to forgo fighting for child support, etc. because I think that financial support is a lot less important than emotional support and the father doesn't give a c___p. I am also financially and emotionally stable (or I was before I became pregnant). I think you should definitely do what your heart tells you. I am 24 and love children and I am very happy about having this baby. On the other hand, you MUST HAVE a thick skin. Even if you did this on purpose, PEOPLE WILL GOSSIP and be very hurtful. My sensitive nature combined with my weepy hormonalness has made for some serious stress. While this is the 21st century, I have found that people are not as accepting of "the choice" to be a single parent. It's really sad, because I feel as if I am more prepared for this than many couples. Ultimately, you must do what makes you happy! Good luck! :)


ash2 - July 16

ceno, just because other people are doing it doesnt mean that it is right . look at the girls who are single and pregnant! they are broke because they have no financial support, and they are always lonely and people look at them in a way and stereo type them. now look at most people who are happily married with kids together. they are supporting their childre with both income and have the help of each other and society doesnt look at them wierd. 21 st century or not, that is not a good enough reason.


am1903 - July 17

While I agree with ash2 that it is definitely more difficult to be a single parent, I think that it is wrong to think that getting married and having children instantly makes you financially and emotionally ready. I think that you have to make your own decisions about being "financially stable." Unless you make lots of money or are wealthy, children will often strain your finances. I am single and not "broke." I don't have the kind of money I did before I decided to keep the baby, but that's ok too. :) I'm also not lonely. As I mentioned before, it does hurt when people gossip and it's not easy, once you realize that you're doing the right thing for you, screw the mean people. There will always be people whotalk, regardless of what you do in life. Before I became pregnant, I had planned on artificial insemination when I turned 30 because I really want babies, but will not settle for a husband who does not value and respect me. Anyways, sorry this is so long. I just feel so strongly about this have to get past stereotypes! :)


ash2 - July 17

am: just wanted to point out that while you are over thirty and probally more education and maturity, ceno plainly pointed out tha she was " young",and would definantly factor in trying to raise a baby by hersef at that age. sorry if i confused the point earlier.


Emma2 - July 17

Most people are NOT happily married either. Just because you see people smiling you really dont know what happens in the their house and i can honeslty say i know many married people who pretend.


am1903 - July 17

I'm actually only 24. I was planning on artificial ins. when I turned 30, but I got pregnant earlier than that. :) While I don't think a 15, 16 year old should be planning a baby and I am young--I also just finished my master's degree and have started my career, not that babies always wait for careers..heehee I think that someone who is planning on raising a baby as a single mother (whether on purpose or by surprise like me) would consider all of the positive and negative aspects...



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