Single Homeless Amp 34 Wks Pregnant

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41days&counting - January 30

My stress level is through the roof! I'm 21yrs old, 34 wks pregnant, living with my boyfriend's mother in her 1 bedroom apartment, I work 50hrs a week, my boyfriend is unemployed, and to top it off... my car broke 2 weeks ago. Oh, and did I mention that I don't know who the daddy is? I had 2 men around the time I conceived. 1 black, 1 white. Wonder what color baby will be??? I am the most miserable pregnant woman in the world!!! Let's see somebody top that....!


B'Lana - January 30

Um.. the baby can be oreo cookie :) But seriously, Honey, life is like a zebra- stripe black stripe white, (I am sure you know it!) it's going to pa__s and all will be fine. Maybe you don't have car and house right now, but remember you got the biggest a__set of them all- your baby! And about your men... chose the one whos mom you are living with ;) Have you explored all State/city help options? How about your own parents, is there any hope? In any case, we all are praying for you and your baby! Take care!


Marie - January 31

Do you plan to keep the child whether black or white? Do you plan to find an apartment of your own? The Lord will help you make the right decisions. That's His little one inside you. He will help you!


Just a thought - January 31

God will never give you more than you can handle. It may seem hard and the situation may feel like the worse thing in life, but in time it will pa__s. You said you live with your BF mother, is he one of the men who could have fathered your child? Is he aware of the situation? Being honest may be hard, but he may care enough to accept the baby even if he is not the father. It is better to be honest than to surprise a man in the delivery room. And even then the race of the child is not always obvious. You would never know by looking at my child what race he is. The color of the child does not matter when it comes to love and acceptance. I am sure many of peole could top your story however to you right now you feel that your life is at its worst place and you just don't see the happiness ahead. But just believe in your self and trust Gods plan in time you and your baby will have a life with happiness maybe in ways you never expected. God really does have a plan be patient and help him by never giving up. Best of Luck to you and your baby.


41days&counting - February 1

but what happens if I deliver a white baby? (bf is black) He's going to flip out!!!!! my ob/gyn says that the dates match up to be the black daddy, but how can he be so sure?? there's only 8 days difference between the 2 guys!


strength101 - February 2

Even with a black father your baby can still come out looking white with little or no features. I am mixed with white/mexican and my sons father is an average skin toned (not light, not dark) black man. I had no other s_xual partners at any time during our relationship. When my son was born and they held him up, my first thought was "he is white". All of my friends and family questioned me as to if I was sure in a joking manner. We were all in disbelief and were certain with my race and the fathers race the baby would be darker. My son initially did not have any features of the father. When I asked a few nurses who were black does this baby look mixed? They immediately looked at the baby and said this baby isn't mixed. If I were not 100% sure he was my only partner I would have had doubt. As my son is developing more you can see his fathers features, mostly the nose. He is still very light skinned and has straight soft textured thick dark brown (almost black) hair. My son is only a month old and I am sure more changes will take place as he grows. The doctor said his skin color will not change much, but if the hair changes it will probably change by the 6 month. Sperm can survive for many days, conception does not take always take place on the day of the s_xual act. I still stick with my original posting and feel that you should be honest, people use poor judgement and people forgive them. He will be mad and that should be expected. But when all is calm he may stick by your side and forgive you for the one night. He may pray with you that this is his child. If it obvious wonderful, if not get a private DNA test. The whole world (family&friends) do not need to know your business. I know your due date gets closer and therefore your getting nervous, but try to relax you can not change the future outcome by stressing out. I do feel honesty will take a big load off, but you have to decide what you feel is best. I hope you'll keep postings as to the status. GOOD LUCK.


FYI - February 2

just a tought & strength are one and the same!


very sorry - February 5

I feel so bad for you..... I can't help but think that what you need right now is some faith, and spiritual encouragement. Have you thought about finding a church, and getting to know God better. He can carry you through this..... he promises to always be there.


cheryl - February 9

please visit this site If you need to talk you can email me [email protected]


lora klimkiewicz - April 20

My niece is a high school dropout, working on a GED, boyfriend is a dropout 16 years old, and biracial, living with his grandma because his mom left him at 3 yrs. old and works at McDonalds, on pot. Niece has no home , no car, no money, no family support, awaiting housing at NECAC, whole family is in turmoil, her dads in prison since she was 6, her mom lives with a boyfriend with 3 kids he gets part time, kids have diabetes. Her mom just got a DUI.It can get worse, believe me. AT least you are 21, have a place to live, a job, and a car. Your baby will be beautiful, no matter what color it turns out to be. I can't have a baby at all. I'm sterile. I adopted mine. You should be thankful to be pregnant , working, and have a supportive person and supportive boyfriend. Good Luck


Jacque - July 25

You're not the only on having it rough, sweetie. I am 37 weeks pregnant and am living in an actual homeless shelter. I don't even own a car. You should count your blessings, because I didn't have the option to stay with anyone. I am on the street at high risk for preterm labor and am residing in unsafe and unclean living conditions. I am also at risk of losing my child simply because I live in a homeless shelter.I have prepared, to the best of my ability, for the past nine months and I probably won't even be able to bond and nurse with my own (and only) child. I don't do drugs, had a job (before forced maternity leave) and I am not nor have I ever been promiscuous. Seeing you complain like you are having the worst pregnancy in the world is very disturbing. You said "top that", and I think I just did.


So Lora... - July 28

being biracial is tragic?


SAM - July 28

Most Africian/black babies are born white, it isnt until they're about 3 months old that they begin to change. So you have the rest of your pregnancy plus a 3 month window to figure this out...good luck


Anne - August 2

Have you ever heard of birth control? You're disgusting.


14weeks and counting - August 30

at least u have a place. a job, and a car. i am 20 14 weeks pregnant and my family kicked me out when they found out i was pregnant


[email protected] SAM - August 30

That's the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.


Tara - August 30

It seems to me that you really pity yourself. Keep your head up and DON'T STRESS!!! soon you will have a beautiful child who loves you unconditionally. I'm 19yrs.old and i was also living with my boyfriend's mom in efficiency apartment at beginning of pregnancy and our truck had gotten stolen. i understand you. but good will come to you, we now have our own place and my mom's old car.good things will come, have faith.



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