Single Mom To Be

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Anonymous - August 12

I am single and pregnant and have no intentions on getting married. Where do I turn for help regarding legal issues like child support, custody matters, etc?


m mommy - March 16

I'm in the same situation, I'm researching information about the same topics but it varies from state to state. So I'm unsure about what to advise you. Best of luck and stay strong for your baby


Dale - March 26

I was married when i fell pregnant, but divorced before i had my son.....I don't think this country has such a thing as child support. But you could sue the father for maintanance for the child. Custody is a hole new matter.....i have tried to get sole custody, but there is only 2 ways of doing that....the father has to be dead or you have to marry and let you husband adopt the child, "catch" he can only do that after 1 year of marriage. Stay strong and remember there are loads of women out there doing it. Never give up hope.


M - April 4

I just fell pregnant and i am single. I have told the father to be but not a lot of support. Think I can manage bymyself with the love and support of family and friends. Re: Child support and custody i think i have full rights at the moment but will look into this


true dreamcaster - April 5

TURN TO YOUR OWN SELF!RELY ON U A MAN THAT CAN HELP YOU OUT. once u get to know him, tell him how u feel darling,sugar,sweetie pie,apple bun, honet toast.sike about those names. once you do get to know him betta and u think he right 4 u, gurl go on and marry that man sweetie.thanks 4 ur visualization in reading this c___ppy answer ( even though that it it not)


VANESSA - April 17

I live in the state of california.i have a child and her father left when she was 2 months old. He has never paid a penny and he has no rights to her. In this state you don't need to be married to recieve child support. if i take him to court he will owe 5 years of child support. and id he doesn't pay they will take his drivers lisences away and go to jail.if you have any ? e-mail me at [email protected]


Erika - April 22

Social Services


amber - May 12

child support


Alyssia - May 20

Hi and I am 5 months pregnant. There are two possible dads - they are both well known and one is in a famous band and the other used to be the drummer in that band. I've told the 'drummer' and he stands by me by I daren't tell the other one in case he leaves me. It happened when 'the other one' was on tour and I went round to the 'drummers' house. Please help me.


pamela - May 26

MY advice to you is to GO TO A LAYER find out your int_tlements and seek help from close family and friends you cant reley on a man and you dont need to the best of luck in the future pam


Brandy - June 28

District Attorneys office.... I'm a single mom to be as well, 8 months pregnant now. He left when I was 3 months. But I surely have teh paper work all filled out, just got to way for my little boy to be born here shortly, but his name a SSN on the paper work and send it out. Make sure you get child support from him. Never rely on what the father may say, you need to go legal for your babys sake.


confusing - June 30

I am 35 divorced and the mother of one wonderful 7 year old. I am pregant and have decided to keep the baby, the father of this baby probaly will not be in his or her life.. Any advice on what to tell my son about his brother or sister, who will not have a father. My son stays with his father every other weekend... but the baby I am expecting probably will not know his father. So I will have one kid witha part time dad and one with none.... any suggestions


anonymous - August 12

You should go to your child support enforcement wherever you are at. I would get some time of afdc coming in until he pays.



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