Single Moms Need Lots Of Strength

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survival - May 13

I hv decided to leave him and keep the baby. I am now alone facing the consequences. Suffered a lot a lot from his lies and I dont deserve all this shit from a married man. No one will has the right to hurt us. Enough!!!! We single mom have to be strong and lets not let all those liars hurt us. Whenever I read all the sad stories of single moms, I felt so sad for woman like us. Being a single mom, we have to face pressures from colleagues, friends and family and also all the upcoming pregnancy problems. Dont you think we shd all pull ourselves together and encourage each other? Lots of strength to move on is all we need.


Ashlie24 - June 9

I really wanna thank you for posting this...I am pregnant right now almost 10 weeks I will be Thursday..But in the past 2 weeks my whole world has been flipped up side down..My fiance left me for another girl and I have been trying to deal with the stress I am doing ok keeping myself calm and what not but I am crying all the time and what makes it worse I am a smoker and well my smoking has pickes up since all this has happend I feel like a bad person because of the fact that I smoke and I try everything to make myself quit but nothing is working..I hope everything works out for the both of us and for all the other single mothers out there YES we do have to be strong!! God bless you all!!


baby baughier - June 11

You ladies aren't alonge at all. I'm pregnant due 01/10. I got pregnant by a guy i thought i was dating and with. When i told him i was pregnant he told me he had meet someone else a week and 1/2 ago and been sleeping with her. He decided that the only way he would stand by me was if i choose abortion. I struggled with making a decision but finally realized i couldn't do that. Now i'm all alone and this world trying to make it. What keeps me going is knowing that God placed this child in my life for a reason. Stay strong and positive. Everything WILL work out.Just keep praying even if you think no one is listening. God bless and take care. Love Mommy and Baby Baughier


sokistar - June 18

It's a relief to realize I'm not the only one out there in this tough tough situation. My ex bf was with someone else at the same time we were dating (he admitted to me when I told him I was pregnant). And he's been nothing but a burden since then- wanting me to abort it, then doing a 180 and wanting to take it away from me and raise it with his girl. My family is not helping me out either, so I feel totally alone in all this. Still don't know what will happen, but I will fight to give the baby the best life possible. Just wish I were in a financial position to better support the baby and me. The baby's my number 1 priority. 20 weeks down- halfway there. Being pregnant's an incredible journey!


krc - June 21

I was single and pregnant. I didn't have a job and was sleeping on my dads couch in his one bedroom apartment when I got pregnant. Now my son is 3, I am married and pregnant with my 2nd, and earned a 2 year degree! So there is light at the end of the tunnel for single moms. You just have to be optimistic and stay positive.


SoloGirl - June 29

I am recently divorced, and pregnant - 6 weeks. The father is happy my family is not. I dont even carea bout the latter, i'm 35 years old and this will be my one and only child. The father and I have been dating for a while, but some of the stuff he has been saying are making me questions his involvemment. Last night he announced hes gonig to be saing up to got to south africa for the world Cup next summer. I just looked at him like he was missing his brain. Hello? Baby? Coming in 7 months? And he wants to go with his buddy and b__w 4k to see a soccer game. I almost lost it. I wanted to cry because he has no idea what this is going to mean to us. It;s like he just doesnt get it. 4k could pay for so much that will be needed for this baby, but he doesnt get it. I say to him you better think about how invloved you want to be and he says he is ALL IN. Really? I am beginning to think i should just run and do this on my own, I mean it can't be any harder than keeping my space cadet bf in the picture.



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