Single Mother

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sillygal - February 12

I'm single mother to a daughter of 4 years old. I'm now in love with a married man since 2 years ago. His wife just deliver a baby and i feel really sorry to his wife that being a third party. She don't know about our relationship. When I saw her baby, I wish to have 1 for him too. I know I'm stupid but what can I do, I was so in love with him


iona - February 12

Lady, YOU are the "third party" not his wife whom he is living with and supporting. Yes it would be stupid and selfish to want a baby to a married man. Look for an AVAILABLE father who can dedicate his entire self to you and a baby. Do you really want to be a single mom of 2 kids of 2 different fathers....? Your child deserves the best, and that begins with you finding the right man.


gummibear - February 12

"what can I do" choose to behave responsibly choose to be a good role model for your daughter choose reason, practicality, logic, over emotions choose to exercise self-control choose not to interfere with the life of this woman and her newborn choose to take yourself, your future, and your daughter's future more seriously. at best, he leaves wifey and new kid for you, and your dd has what - a step-dad who couldn't honor his marriage vows (or take the steps to leave it before seeking greener pastures). he has less resources like iona said, and those ppl (wife and kid) will always be a part of your (and your kid's) life, hating you. you really want to tell your teenaged daughter that you stole someone's hubby b/c you didn't have enough backbone to control your actions? doesn't teach her much about the sanct_ty of marriage does it? and it IS control over actions - feel what you want but its what you do that affects others.


sillygal - February 12

Thank you so much iona and gummibear, u both giv me a tight slap to wake me up... I guess I know what should I do but I need a lot of support to give me more courage to leave him. I choose to seek opinion here is because nobody know me and I hope someone really can give me courage. I love him so much. The love for him is equally to my daugther. But I never though of, he will leave his wife and I won't let it to happen too. I wish his wife be happy. But i really don't know what to do...



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