Single Preg And A High Sex Drive How Do Singles Do It

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lo - April 22

I don't know what to do if I were single, preg. and in need of some good s_x. Not only do you not have the babies father but who is supposed to please you when you have those hormone surges? I can't imagine. I don't know how yall do it.


Warning - April 23

Some men get off on pregnant women so ladies be careful at answering these kinds of questions because all this loser wants is to jack off.


April - April 23

I haven't had any hormone surges like that... no need for s_x here... I've learned my freakin lesson.. haha


BETH - April 26

It's called self pleasure.


Carter - May 9

What kind of question IS that anyway? April.. Beth.. LoL


<Amy> - May 11

I managed fine, the best thing to do is sleep with someone you trust and you know isn't sleeping around, in my case i chose a friend who i have known since i wore nappies, It kept me going lol as my s_x drive went way up but recently i had a leakage and the fluid levels around abby look a bit low so strictly no s_x! I definately won't be having anymore s_x because i will do anything to make sure the babies ok but i must say it's gonna be hard!


Christian woman - May 11

How did you get pregnant in the first place? F O R N I C A T I O N! I suggest you repent of what you have done and just get to a good Bible believing church for counseling and much love and support!


Stephanie - May 11

Christian woman: How is going to church going to lower your s_x drive? Maybe you have never been pregnant before, but s_x (not for all) is needed all the was for me. Also, there is no need for her to repent based on your religious beliefs, so you should not preach to those who did not ask for your opinion.


Christian Woman - May 11

LOL, As a matter of fact, I am pregnant with my 6th child now! So, yes, I have been pregnant a few times. What she needs to do is have a husband.


Christian Woman - May 11

Stephaine, This is an open forum and all opinions count as long as their is respect for one another. I am not here to disrespect anyone. I gave a very real, loving form of advice. She and you are allowed to take it or leave it. Have a good day!


Happy Mommy - May 11

Stephanie, It looks like you're the one getting upset, not her! I will continue speaking the truth in love. I do not mean to offend anyone though.


Stephanie - May 11

Sorry, a stranger cannot cause me to get upset, I just do not care for people constantly throwing their own religious beliefs at people.


Christian Woman - May 12

By the way. I am not expressing any form of 'religion'. "Religion" is man's way to get to God. (It doesn't work). The Bible and God's, plan are God's way to get to God. The Bible has everything you need to survive and to live for Jesus!



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