Single Preggers

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Mommie2be - April 17

Prior to this pregnancy I was married and we had two kids I'm used to having that support and i'm 18 weeks pregnant was divorced for 3 years and was just enjoying being single. One mistake with a guy i was off and on seeing i'm now preggers.... Itold him and he and i both agreed our relationship was purely s_xual and we werent ready to have a baby together however he never came up with the funds in time for th procedure and Now i'm attached to my little baby so at 13 weeks i told him Iwas going to keep my that point he went a lil crazy and told me I was on my own and of course I was crushed toknow that he created a life and willing to walk away from it just like that. All of the joys of pregnancy are being sorted from the horrible feeling of doing this alone....not only that but to add to it.. this pregnancy itself has been the i have been sick the entire timeunable to eat anything but carrots and fresh fruit i've lost over 15 pounds but my doctor says that my baby is healthy. And on the positive side of it i'm feeling my baby kick and my siblings and friends are very supportive so for that i am blessed.... just sucks because i never thought in a millioon years i would be in this predictament. any suggestions?


Grandpa Viv - April 21

So sorry you have found yourself in this predicament. I hope the guy has the wherewithal for 18 years of child support, but it sounds like even that may be difficult. Some will suggest adoption, but that is a one in a hundred solution. With your sibs and friends behind you, things will work out. Get some of them to sign up for specific commitments. My daughter recently revealed how proud she is of her 16 year old, and how glad she did not take the abortion option - I never knew!


pregnant_single - June 21

If you are single and pregnant, you don't have to be! Check out my profile for Facebook page information on finding a man that will love and adore you during and after your pregnancy, or search 'Pregnant and Single' in Facebook. I have also established a Yahoo group called 'PREGNANTNSINGLENLA' to put single pregnant women together with men who possess a strong s_xual attraction for pregnant woman and who are extremely excited to begin a relationship with you. So, if you're still pregnant and single, that is purely your choice as you don't have to be.


dekraytom - November 12

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.



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