Single Prego Dad Wants Nothing To Do With Baby

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shanny banany - August 4

im 25 with a pretty good job full benifits and a suportive family. the father my ex now has a new girlfriend and tells me he does not want me to have this baby. I feel like I do want this baby. I suffer from depression though since I found out I was prego I been feeling happy asides from doughting myself each time I talk to him. Am I making a mistake by having this child? Am I going to destroy my life? I took early child hood education and Im good with kids. He tells me Im thinking to much with my heart and not being realistic. Im about 8 weeks along. I donno how I would coop if I didnt have this child now. He says hed be there for me to have an abortion but how can he realy be there for the next while when I need him and he has a new girlfirned? This guy was my best friend I miss him but ahhh im so confused hormons and everything what should i do?


Grandpa Viv - August 4

Shanny, I think you should take your cues from your family. If you want the child and the family agrees it will be there to help with babysitting and stuff, quit tormenting yourself with the ex. The exception might be if you think you could give a baby a better chance if you were several years older and in a permanent relationship. GL!


searching - August 5

there is always an adoption option for later if plans don't work out for you. Good luck and CONGRATULATION. :)


NJTCRT2005 - August 8

It is hard being a single parent. If you want to have the baby i say go with it. If you dont think you can do it, there is always adoption. They have different kinds of adoptions. Open adoption, semi-open adoption and closed adoption. You get to choose. I am trying to have a child and havent been able to have another baby. Me and my husband are getting ready to look into foster parenting and adoption clinics cost way to much. So if you would please keep everyone updated on how you and baby are doing and what choice you have made. If you choose the adoption will you please email me at


sjly2311 - August 10

Shanny... I am currently in the same situation. I know the fear you feel and lonelyness you feel. I am 27 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with this for my whole pregnancy. The father and I broke up just shortly after I got pregnant and I didnt find out till he was already well into a new relationship. I think you have to do what you feel is right for you. I have tried to be understanding with the father of my child because I know it a scary thing. Regardless of your age and relationship status, you have to feel this is right for you. And try talking to your family. They may be way more supportive than you might think. It still doesn't seem real to me even though I know I am pregnant. But I feel that there is a reason that you are pregnant. As am I. And i am not a full fledged single parent yet but I will be haha and its a scary thought but I know that I can only be the best parent I can be and my child will never go without. also, this whole experience has been difficult alone. which is another reason I suggest you talk with your family. This will be the time you find out who your true friends are and will see who stands by you.


pregnant_single - August 13

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