Single With Disorder And 8 Months Pregnant

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Hope - May 12

I have bipolar disorder and I’m due next month. I had to go through all the pain of going through my whole entire pregnancy by myself. My friends and family are in Asia and I’m alone in the US. It has been the longest 8 months in my life, and I have never felt so depressed in my life. I had been with the father of the baby during my high school life.I stopped medication because i felt better having him in my life. I even gave up my future for a great university in Australia just so I could be with him. Now that I’m pregnant, he left me with my pregnancy and I’ve never felt so alone in my life. I force myself to devote my lifestyle to this baby and it’s not good because I can only pretend that I want the baby for so long. I’m scared that my baby will grow up in a broken home. I’m scared that I will be even more depressed after I have the baby. I’m scared for so much, and I can’t handle myself anymore. Adoption is definitely not an option for my family. I have been struggling with bipolar disorder and I hope that I will be able to handle a baby. I am currently seeing a doctor, but I need other advice other than someone coming from a medical perspective. Please help.


cbellarose - May 15

If you honesty do not think you can handel having a baby your famiely should not be the people to decide. There are natural hormones to help with post partum depression. There are millions of people who would be delighted to give your baby a great life. it is important to feel wanted.


April Marie McIntyre - October 6

HI, I have 2 daughters and i have bipolar and anxiety. When I was pregnant I took lexapro (antidepressant) and Lamictal (mood stabilizer) after the first trimester. do you have a psychologist for therapy it really can help! if you need any more advice you can email me at good luck


beatriz - October 9

there is a film called "all she ever wanted" about a woman on bipolar who quit meds to have a baby. while she also had to go through nightmares of her diorder, she had tons of support from her family. would it help you know that i feel the way you do. i hear that because i am mentally unstable they can take my baby away. but i also heard that baby chanegs everything when it comes. first look does it. you feel that there is a purpose in your life. somebody needs you. somebody is clutching your finger and totally depends on you. i cannot wait for my baby to come. it will be a very hard. i also feel guilty for not finding the rel father for my baby. somtimes i feel that i won't have another man in my life now that there is a child coming. i do not trust people anymore. how could i trust another man around my heart-my child. i have to promise my baby i will always smile for him. he will have happy mommy. he will be OK with me. i know the father would want to see him once he is there. they would want to shower his with gifts. but if i let the father around, my wounds would never heal. i am thinking working very hard and tehn getting an a__signment abroad--somewhere in russia.


Girl - October 10

I'm in the same boat. Pregnant and bi-polar. Don't watch the movie that beatriz told you too. It's old and outdated and doesn't deal with the current medications out now that are now out. I'm in my 24th week and my babies (yes twins) are totally healthy!!!! I've been taking Zyprexa the whole time and if it had caused any problems they would have shown up on the ultrasound. Get on some meds. If you think it's hard now, wait until the post partum depression.


anna - October 10

>Don't watch the movie that beatriz >told you too. you sound like a poster board for pharmaceuticals. one outcomes does not guarantee the same outcome in other babies. most of the meds, are C category, which means there have not been tests done on humans. so it is up to you. but definitely, it is not wise to go around and praise meds that are too new to have a track. try therapy. but if you decide to go with meds, do your own research. most of the doctors prescribe drugs because it is much faster and easier and more profitable for them, thatn dealing with issues on a long-term basis. i heard a lot about cognitive therapy. a bit more expensive than popping a pill but safer. also, thre is no way of knowing the long-term effects on babies.


mirabel - October 10

Girl, are you a doctor? What is totally healthy? How did you determine that? What is the level of confidence? not everybody has a post partum depression. no need to put glum and doom. and as anna pointed out, this is not a place to place an ad on virtues of untested meds. she came here for moral support. Hope, knowing that you are not alone should help you bear it durig the worst times. but times change and one day you will wake up feeling different. it is not permanent and you are in control.


Girl - October 10

What I'm saying is that the movie is outdated and you can have a safe pregnancy taking the newer bi-polar medications. You all should research where you're getting your information from. My physician (who is quite reputable and cared for me during my 1st pregnancy) said any complications from meds would have shown up on my ultrasound. And post partum depression is a very real and scary issue for bi-polar woman, it has nothing to do with doom and gloom you dolt.


maria - October 10

Can ultrasound show neurological effects of medications? I thought ultrasound had limits especially when it comes to testing the baby's future coginitive development. What is the movie about that you all talking about?


Girl - October 10

Ultrasounds show 95% of potential problems. There are always things like some heart conditions that can't be detected, but those are not things that are caused my medications.


I am loneyly too - October 22

I really think it is hard. I am now 8 months pregnant and my husband has been cheating on me all this time. I don't have family here either and I feel so lonely. The only advise I can give you is to think that is all up to you to make sure that the baby's life won't turn in to a horrible life, if you can't take care of the baby and your family does not want adoption then maybe one of them can take care of the baby. They have to think not only what is good for you but what is the best for the baby. After all is not the baby's fault that things are happening to you. Maybe your baby will change your life for good if not then you have to take your own desicions and think what is the best for your baby and you


BY THE WAY - November 1

FYI folks there are studies underway on a number of meds used for bipolar that have been going on long enough to have some early info out case in point the Lamictal which I took without problems. SO CHECK YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU DISS MEDS , ALSO after the first trimester risk levels drop dramatically !



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