So Alone Advice Please

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GonaBeSingleMother - January 21

Hello well im 19 and was engaged to my partner, i got home the other night from work and he was gone stole $5000 of my savings my credit and bank cards and my card and ran back to the UK from oz, it was so unexpected as we applied for an apartment together the day he left we were also trying for a baby... turns out he was cheatin on me but now I am pregnant with his baby about 6 weeks gone.. I am not sure whether to tell him, I dont know if i can do this alone and my family told me they will disown me if I have this baby :( thing is I really dont wanna have an abortion i was so happy when I found out I was preg just wish the circ_mstances were different.. x


lunamoo - January 21

Oh boy you poor thing!!! Ok let's try to hash this out. First cancel all your bank and credit cards and report stolen. File a police report!!! This is very important! Give the police all his contact info in UK. I would tell his parents and send them a copy of the police report. Then think about you and what you want. Don't worry about telling him on contacting him at this point. If you want to keep your baby you will need a very strong and reliable support system and you must seek this out; friends, family, social system ect. Consider ALL your options including adoption and (sorry to say!) abortion....You WILL need help, please do not think you can do this on your own. Good luck!


gummibear - January 28

any updates on your situation gbsm? don't let anyone bully you into an abortion - guy or family - its your decision!


Candice95567 - January 28

Oh sweetie, that sucks :( I was told to have a abortion in my situation too. The only advise I can give you, was after asking alot of women, 100 percent that have had an abortion regret it immensly. All that were considering abortion and had it... said that they wouldnt change it for the world. I have desided to do it alone. Being preggo alone, does have its downfalls, but I am becoming more and more excited daily :) My family is comming around, and I have never been happier... Hope it all works out!



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