So Strong

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xsarahx_18x - February 24

i just want to say that i've been feeling lonely n down sometimes during pregnancy n i've got my partners support n my friends n family which has been great n desperatly needed. i can only imagine how hard it must be for all of you with no-one being there for you, so i just wanted to say how strong you all are n good luck throughout your pregnancy n when you all become mummys!! x x i can't wait x x


afireinsideamanda - March 1

=) well thankfully my mother and father have been a great support to me ...even if the father of my baby had to be pushed out of my life..... but i appreciate what youre saying. it does seem to get pretty desperate sometimes for me. my horomes are all over the place and sometimes al l i can think is, how am i gonna goto college? my dreams are just gone now. no ones gonna want me after ive got a kid. im going to be alone for the rest of my life. and i had kind of a party lifestyle before i got pregnant...drinking, i was a cigg smoker and occa__sional marijuana. (im sure most of you will immediately say this is immature and irresponsible but just so you know, havent touched any of it or thought of touching any of it since i became pregnant at ALL) but anyway, because it was a part of my life, its a part of alot of my friends lives also..makes it hard for me to goout because i dont want to be around that, because what fun is it for me to be the sober one around a bunch of f*cked up people you know? plus i dont want to be around second hand smoke while im pregnant, period if i can avoid it. so now, its just like i cant go out with my friends without inhibiting their fun, which i cant blame them for. because if not pregnant, imight have done the same stuff you know?? so i sit at home alot, and dont have much to do.most times im too tired. it just sucks, my life has changed so much already and i know its just gonna get harder and knowing in doing this without a father for my baby, just makes it worse. but my family, if not for them id probably be very depressed rigth now. good luck with your pregnancy



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