Sperm Donor Wants Me To Get Abortion

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amanda - May 31

hi everyone this will be my 2nd child my first sons dad is not in the picture which is fine by me i have lots of family support no one was supportive while pregnant and now once again im pregnant i was on birth control when i informed the father to be he said he wants me to get an abortion he has a say in this too so he says anyways im not getting an abortion so im scared to have 2 kids with no dads i think he will be in the picture after it sinks in but im scared to tell my parnets they trhink i have a hard enough time with mu son and no i cant give it up for adoption any ideas on how to handle my situation im not due till january can hide it fir awhile more so scared i dont want everyone to hate me especially when im already scared to death and need help not hate i feel like im a such a dissapointment to everyone ???????????????????


Jbear - June 5

Nobody's going to hate you...your parents will be excited about another grandbaby. They may not seem like it at first, but they will be. As for the baby's father, he's just trying to get out of having to pay child support. He might have a say in the child's upbringing, but he doesn't have any right to tell you to get an abortion. As far as having 2 kids with no dads, I've been married for 8 years, have a three year old daughter, and am pregnant with our second (and last) child, and sometimes, hearing the way my husband talks to my daughter when he's stressed out (always) I think I would rather be a single mom. Think about how much courage you have, raising two kids on your own. You're going to be such a strong role model for them.


amanda - June 5

thanks well the father of the unborn baby is trying to talk to me hes coming over tomorrow but if he brings up abortion his a__s is out i think hes getting used to the idea only time will tell


Jenna - June 5

Well weather the father's want to be there out not they helped make the babies and they are partially responsible financially. So you should make sure they pay their share.


Kristi - June 26

I am in the same situation. I have a 10 year old son whos father isn't in the picture and now I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant and the father wants me to have an abortion. I too have my parents support with my son but the idea of having to tell them that I am pregnant again. The father of this child I have a really bad feeling that he's married and has a child that he hasn't told me about. So I am scared to death like you. You are not alone.



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