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nicole - March 12

I am 22 and just found out that I am pregnant. I think i am about 4-6 weeks along. I was also just offered a full tuition scholarship to attend a law school on the opposite side of the country. My boyfriend (who has a ring and is planning to propose before we found out i was pregnant) is excited about me going to school and wants to move with me, but he's worried about keeping the baby. He says he'll be supportive of my decision if i feel i need to keep the baby (which I must because if i don't it will haunt me forever), but I am scared. Do you think I should still go to law school, especially since its 3000 miles from home and my family and most of my friends. Also, I don't know how to tell my family, my parents are soooo strict. Also I recently had a discusion with my mom about my friend who i work with who was single and pregnant and i don't know that she'll be supportive.. I feel like I will be a huge disappointment to them :( please help with any advice on how to tell my parents in a way that won't be disappointing to them, and also if anyone had a baby during college, please help with advice on how you balanced out all your responsibilities! Thanks for any support!


patricia - July 13

im currently in law school and am just starting my second year. While only one was pregnant in school last year, many of the women already had kids- ranging from toddlers to teenagers. They were able to balance their school and family time. The girl who was pregnant was on the moot court team, law journal, and was a really good third year law student. I am also pregnant, but I don't think it will be a hardship in school. Just be honest with your parents. They might be mad at first, but they will get over it. Good luck!


b - July 13

nicole, if do decide to place baby for adoption, u can always have a open adoption, where u get letters and pictures, and sometimes visits. but what ever u choose, is in ur best intrest. i wish u the best. if u would like to email me u can at [email protected] (im a mother of an 19 month old i had him when i was 20) - July 13

Nicole, Do everything in your power to make this work. Your soon to be husband seems supportive of you. I understand you feel that not keeping the baby will haunt you forever, but like Kate says there may be alternatives such as open adoption. If neither adoption nor not keeping the baby are options than welcome to motherhood, but please do not throw away a full scholarship, if you do nothing else for the baby get an education so that you can provide opportunities for the child as he or she grows. Sure it will be a struggle but anything worth having always is. You and your husband will have to carry eachother through and you will if you hold on tight and don't look down. If you would like to learn more about us and open adoption please visit our web site at No matter what you decide, follow your heart - if you do this, there will be no haunting but rather peace in knowing you made the decision that was best for you and your baby. We wish the three of you peace and health. All the best, kellyandbeth


Emily - July 15

Hi Nicole. Patricia is right its going to be tough but it can be done! No one thought I could take care of my baby and go to school, but I did. You can too!


It can be done! - July 17

I started University when my daughter was 5 weeks old. I completed my four year degree last year and I am now working as a Primary school teacher. I also graduated with a distinction average and was a targeted graduate and offered a position straight from uni. I really enjoyed my time at school. I was able to communicate with adults and use my brain a little. I was able to learn a great deal that I could apply to both my parenting and my profession. I also appreciated my opportunity so much more as I had a really strong goal to work towards. I had the extra incentive of proving those people who thought it was impossible, wrong.I don't think any parent hopes their child will become pregnant at an early age because they know how difficult it can be. My parents were disappointed to begin with but are fantastic grandparents who are exceptionally proud of me even more so because I accomplished so much with the addition of a child. Do what is in your heart and use any negative att_tudes to spur you on even more.



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