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laura - April 18

i am 9wks, and my now ex b/f wants to have nothing to do w/ me he doesn't call, to see how i am, not o much he has two other children one that is 6monthes, he say he is working things out w/ his baby's mom and for me to basically go away, i am depressed and so angry, is this guy really doing this what should i do?? it's not like we have just met we have been on and off 4 3yrs, i always being faithful. i also had an abortion from him before, so now he has asked me to do it again, i wont agree now i am being treated like i don't exist, and for some stupid reason i still call him, and he is always rude, how can i get over this??


Audrey - April 19

Laura- Your ex-bf is two-timing and now won't have anything to do with you or his baby. Looks like his priorities do not include you. You don't need him any more if he treats you like this. Be strong, you can take care of yourself without him messing around with you. Best wishes!


Mimi - April 19

You have a choice, keep the baby or not. Your ex-boyfriend doesn't care about you, because he is too imature. You need to do what you think is right. You said you already had an abortion once. Do you really want to go through that again? You might feel fine about it now, but might regret it later. Just remember what ever you do, ask for God's help and strength. Go to a church and speak to a pastor, go talk with your Doctor, or even a good friend, or your parents. Just don't do it alone, there are plenty of children that grew up without a father and turned out great!! Good luck, May God Bless You.


lose this loser - May 2

number 1 please get rid of this loser he his only adding the most stress in your life and number 2 if you don't want to keep this loser in your life then maybe having another abortion will be right for you. Just do whatever your heart tells you to do but lose this guy



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